Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford was the first to describe low-temperature cooking in 1799. The benefits of the procedure were recognized in France in the mid-1960s and used to optimize food shrinkage. Today, star chefs all over the world apply this technique because of its numerous advantages.

When applying Sous Vide, which translates as "under vacuum", fresh food such as fish, meat or vegetables are vacuum-packed and then cooked in precisely temperature-controlled water.


Healthy nutrition with high-quality taste - preservation of aroma, flavor and vitamins
The Sous Vide technique facilitates the preparation of nutritionally  healthy and vitamin-rich foods. When using conventional cooking methods vitamins and flavors are released into the water or the air. However, when using the Sous Vide method the fresh food is vacuumed and all vitamins and flavors remain concentrated in the food. The final product contains not only all the vitamins and nutrients which normally are lost, but also the full flavor of the food. This ensures a more intense taste. Freshness, color and appearance remain unaltered until consumption.

Perfect results
The Sous Vide technique offers the possibility to cook food perfectly with complete control of the two main factors: temperature and time. Steady heating in a water bath allows for even cooking from the edge to the core of the food. For example if you fry a piece of meat in a pan, it is exposed to extremely high temperature on the outside, while inside it sometimes does not reach the temperature required for a perfectly cooked product.
Sous Vide allows for even doneness of the final product. Dried out food is avoided.

The Sous Vide method guarantees reproducibility and consistently good quality. Once you have determined the optimum temperature and time for a certain recipe and given the same conditions (size, fat content, etc.) the medium can be reproduced exactly time after time.

Low shrinkage
The Sous Vide technique minimizes portion losses due to shrinkage especially when cooking meat.  Meat shrinks by about 40% of its original size when using conventional cooking methods. The Sous Vide method minimizes the shrinkage to a maximum of 5-10%. Product costs and portion losses are reduced considerably.

Cook & Chill
Quickly cooling pasteurized food down to 3 °C after cooking allows for chilled storage of the food for up to 3 weeks.  The portions can  be regenerated as needed without any loss in quality. This facilitates more efficient planning of food purchases and consumption as the loss of food is significantly reduced. In addition, the guaranteed longer shelf life assists with optimization of the quantity of food ordered.

Energy efficiency
fusionchef units have a  low power consumption and a limited need of water which significantly saves energy in the kitchen.

Improved workflow

The increased shelf life of Sous Vide prepared products makes the workflow in your kitchen more efficient.  Products can be prepared during stress-free periods and are prepared quickly yet with high quality during rush hours. The simplified workflow permits the kitchen to offer a wide selection of dishes.


  Sous vide recipe from Edwin Soumang: Cured Belly Bacon, Smoked Eel, Yellow Pepper and Lemon Mayonnaise
Sous vide recipe
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