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Here you will find a selection of references.

Walter Bauhofer / Landesberufsschule

Walter Bauhofer, Director of Training Kitchen (Germany): "... Thanks to the Julabo circulator we can fulfil these requirements at the highest level. ..."

Vincent Klink / Restaurant Wielandshöhe

Vincent Klink (Germany): "Vincent Klink, also out of office, never without Julabo! ..."

Sven Elverfeld / Restaurant Aqua

Sven Elverfeld, Chef de Cuisine "Restaurant Aqua" (Germany): "Low-temperature cooking with vacuum bags allows for endless, creative possibilities. ..."

Stephane Istel / db Bistro Moderne

Stephane Istel, Executive Chef / db Bistro Moderne (Singapore): "fusionchef help me to keep consistency of the temperature of fish and meat even if we doing some really high number of guest. ..."

Steffen Mezger / Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Steffen Mezger, Chef  "Restaurant Atelier" - Hotel Bayerischer Hof (Germany): "The progress of the Sous Vide technology, which is achieved with the new product portfolio of fusionchef by Julabo, allows perfect results ..."

Stefan Wilke / MS-Europa

Stefan Wilke, Executive Chef "MS EUROPA": "The Julabo unit is a maniac relief during the whole cooking process. ..."

Stefan Stiller / Stiller's Restaurant

Stefan Stiller, "Stiller's Restaurant" (Shanghai): "I have found the Julabo thermal circulator to be extremely efficient. ..."

Shaun Hergatt / SHO

"In the SHO kitchen we only use the JULABO circulators. ..."

Ryan Clift / Tippling Club

Ryan Clift "Tippling Club" (Singapore): "As a chef and restaurateur I am always striving for perfection with in my kitchen. ..."

Rolf Fliegauf / Hotel Giardino Ristorante ECCO

Rolf Fliegauf, Hotel Giardino Ristorante ECCO (Switzerland): "... We are just in the act of buying another Pearl. ..."

Richard Rosendale

Richard Rosendale, CMC, Executive Chef, The Greenbrier & Two Time USA Culinary Olympian: "My Julabo circulators have paid for themselves over and over again ..."

René Widmer / Prorest Gastronomietechnik AG

René Widmer, Confederal Degreed Sales Manager / Chef de Cuisine
Training Manager Food Technology Prorest Gastronomietechnik AG (Switzerland): "Since years we rely on the established technology of Julabo heating immersion circulation for our courses for molecular cooking and modern food technology. ..."

Quique Dacosta / Restaurante Quique Dacosta

Restaurante Quique Dacosta (Spain): "We worked hard with the Julabo immersion circulator and in doing so we were able to test its endurance and precision. ..."

Peter John Rollinson / The Prime Society

Peter John Rollinson, Executive Chef "The Prime Society" (Singapore): "... The fusionchef Immersion circulator is in the peak of its field. Easy to operate, with a great design it allows us to cook our wonderful produce accurately and efficiently while always being consistent. ..."

Paul Froggatt / Saint Pierre

Paul Froggatt, Chef de Cuisine "Saint Pierre" (Singapore): "... The Julabo circulator is my new best friend."

Otto Fehrenbacher / Hotel Restaurant Adler

Otto Fehrenbacher, Chef "Hotel-Restaurant Adler" (Germany): "An absolutely recommendable enrichment of kitchen technology for professional restaurants. ..."

Oliver Scheiblauer / Adventure Catering

Oliver Scheiblauer, Chef Adventure Catering (Austria): "... I use the fusionchef for everything from hors d’ouerves to desserts."

Nils Henkel / Schlosshotel Lerbach

Nils Henkel, Chef "Gourmetrestaurant Lerbach" (Germany): "... We are more than satisfied and don't want to abandon the Julabo Circulators...."

Michael Kempf / Facil Restaurant

Michael Kempf, Restaurant Facil / Berlin (Germany): "... fusionchef by Julabo permits extremely precise cooking. ..."

Metzgerei Weber / Partyservice

Alexander Weber, holder of A. Weber Metzgerei GmbH / Partyservice in Seelbach (Germany): "The Sous Vide technology by fusionchef opens up countless possibilities. ..."

Matt Brimer / Maverick Restaurant

"The Julabo circulator has been a crucial tool in many kitchens I've worked in. ..."

Martin Dannenmann / Hotel Management School Heidelberg

Martin Dannenmann, OStD - Manager "Hotel Management School Heidelberg" (Germany): "When they start the practical parts of their education, our future chefs and restaurateurs expect to use modern equipment that makes their work easier and helps them concentrate on the tasks they are learning in the kitchen. ..."

Markus Schumacher / Feinkost Käfer

Markus Schumacher, Chef de cuisine "Käfer Service GmbH" (Germany): "Finally we see progress in quality based on hardware. ..."

Manja von Drathen, Marcus Heering / Berufsbildende Schule der Region Hannover

Manja von Drathen, Marcus Heerin / Berufsbildende Schule 2 Region Hannover: "... The fusionchef is ideal when addressing the subject of cooking sensitive food with the Sous Vide method in vocational theory and practice."

Khoo Wee Bin / At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

Chef Khoo Wee Bin, Senior Chef Instructor, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy
/ Team Captain Singapore National Culinary Team: "... When I first used Diamond M of fusionchef by Julabo, showcasing Sous Vide cooking to our Diploma in Culinary Arts Students I was very impressed. ..."

Ken Harvey / Loews Ventana Canyon

Ken Harvey, Executive Chef / Loews Ventana Canyon (Arizona, USA): "Machine is amazing!  Quite, Efficient, Stable, & Good Lookin."

Jose Sanchez / Conrad Tokyo Hotel

Jose Sanchez, Executive chef / Conrad Tokyo Hotel (Japan): "I introduce the Julabo units Pearl in my kitchens. ..."

Jean-Paul Jeunet / Arbois

Jean Paul JEUNET, Chef "Hotel & Restaurant" (France): “I have been using Julabo circulators for almost 5 years. ..."

Jean-Charles Dubois / The French Kitchen

Jean-Charles Dubois, Chef "The French Kitchen" (Singapore): "... I use it for all my meats, fish and vegetables."

Heinz Hanner / Restaurant Hanner

Heinz Hanner, Chef "Relais & Châteaux Hanner" (Austria): "After discovering Julabo, we are pleased to finally be able to recommend a company that produces circulators with true German craftsmanship and quality. ..."

Heiko Antoniewicz

Heiko Antoniewicz, "New Daring Cuisine, Antoniewicz GmbH" (Germany): "The Julabo circulator is an all-rounder suitable for multi-purpose use in the sous-vide kitchen to conserve the structure of fish, meat, fruit and vegetable. ..."

Harald Wohlfahrt / Hotel Traube Tonbach

Harald Wohlfahrt, Chef "Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube" (Germany): "Julabo circulators are one of the best culinary inventions of the past twenty years. ..."

Harald H. Rohrmoser / At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy

Chef Harald H. Rohrmoser, Chief Chef Instructor, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy / Certified German Masterchef: "When using fusionchef by Julabo for first vacuum cooking applications in our brand new culinary labs, results are very impressive. ..."

Frederic Pirotte / Traiteur Frederic

Frederic Pirotte, Chef - Owner "Traiteur Frederic" (Belgien): "... I have been using the Julabo circulator for only a few months, I have been amazed by the results I am able to achieve with this equipment. ..."

Frank Buchholz / Restaurant Buchholz

Frank Buchholz, Restaurant Buchholz / Kochwerkstatt (Germany): „Continuity is the key to my success during the last 28 years and the reason for working with fusionchef by Julabo

Emmanuel Stroobant / Emmanuel Stroobant Group of Restaurant

Emmanuel Stroobant, Emmanuel Stroobant Group of Restaurant (Singapore): "... Since then I have purchased five units from Julabo, equipping every kitchen in our group with a circulator. ..."

Edwin Soumang / Restaurant One

Edwin Soumang,Restaurant One (The Netherlands): "The Pearl by fusionchef by Julabo makes life easier. It is to be recommended and is certainly irreplaceable in every kitchen. ..."

Detlev Ueter / Gastronomic Training Center Koblenz e.V.

Detlev Ueter, Head Chef / Training Supervisor by Gastronomic Training Center Koblenz e.V. / Cooking and Service School "à la carte": "... I think it is great that we use fusionchef by Julabo to show this method to our students. In addition fusionchef service is well positioned."

David Kinch / Manresa

David Kinch, Chef Manresa (USA): "Sous vide technique has become an important part of our vegetable, fruit and shellfish preparations at Manresa Restaurant. .."

Daniel Schlaipfer / Restaurant AdLib

Daniel Schlaipfer, "Restaurant AdLib" (Portugal): „When I came across Julabo units for the first time in 2003, I was not aware that they would become indispensable kitchen aids in my professional life. ..."

Daniel Humm / Eleven Madison Park

Daniel Humm, Executive Chef / Eleven Madison Park (New York):  "Julabo is a company whose commitment to quality and precision has made them the leader in temperature control and an essential mainstay in my kitchens. ..."

Christoph Bob / Restaurant Relais Blu

Christoph Bob, Chef "Restaurant Relais Blu" (Italia): "Since we have become acquainted with the unit, we don't want to miss it. ..."

Christian Scharrer / Grand SPA Resort A-ROSA Travemünde - Buddenbrooks Restaurant

Christian Scharrer, Chef de Cuisine "Buddenbrooks Restaurant" (Germany): "It’s astonishing how exact the Julabo immersion circulators work. ..."

Christian Marent / Hotel Jungbrunn

Christian Marent, Chef de cuisine "Jungbrunnstube Gourmet" - Hotel Jungbrunn (Austria): "... We are very satisfied with the Julabo circulator do not want to do without it. ..."

Christian Jürgens / Gourmetrestaurant Überfahrt

Christian Jürgens, Chef de Cuisine "Gourmetrestaurant Überfahrt" (Germany): „Only the temperature accuracy of Julabo units makes an exact cooking of the foods possible”

Chris Salans / MOZAIC BALI

Chris Salans, Chef Owner "Mozaic Bali" (Bali / Indonesia): "I highly recommend the Diamond M of fusionchef by Julabo. ..."

Chef Warren / 7atenine

Chef Warren, "7atenine" (Malaysia): "... When I got back to Malaysia , it was the 1st equipment in my kitchen wishlist. "


C. K. Chen / THE SHERWOOD TAIPEI (Taiwan): "fusionchef enhances our products in a more advanced and healthy way, and there are more possibilities thus our customers have more options since we purchased sous vide. ..."

Bryan Skelding / The Greenbrier Resort

Bryan Skelding, Executive Sous Chef at "The Greenbrier Resort" (USA): "When I think of quality, I think of Julabo. Time and time again they stand up to the competition in durability and performance. A must have for any serious culinarian."

Bruno Goussault / Cuisine Solutions

Bruno Goussault, Chief Scientist Cuisine Solutions Inc
and FiveLeaf CREA (France): "I started using the Julabo heating immersion circulators in my laboratory for microbiology analyses in the 70’s. ..."

Benjamin Cross / KU DE TA

Benjamin Cross, Head Chef "KU DE TA" (Bali / Indonesia):"... The fusionchef by Julabo System makes my vacuum cooking easy, consistent, and efficient.  What did I ever do without one?"


Armin Leitgeb / LES AMIS

Armin Leitgeb, Chef de Cuisine "LES AMIS" (Singapore): "Since my stay with chef Thomas Keller at „The French Laundry“ in California in 2003 I use an immersion circulator. ..."

Anne-Sophie Pic / Maison Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic, Chef "Maison Pic" (France): „I have introduced fusionchef to all my kitchen; the catering restaurant in Valence, the '7', the Bistrot Chic, the restaurant 'Le Beau Rivage' in Lausanne and my cooking school the 'Scook'. ..."

Andreas Tuffentsammer / Hotel & Restaurant Ole Deele

Andreas Tuffentsammer, Hotel & Restaurant Ole Deele (Germany): "I "grew up" with Julabo circulators in kitchens and cannot imagine working without one. ..."


Andreas Krolik, Executive Chef / Tiger-Gourmetrestaurant (Frankfurt): “For more than 6 years immersion circulators from Julabo (now fusionchef by Julabo) support my work. …”

Alvin Leung / Bo Innovation

Alvin Leung, Chef  "Bo Innovation" (Hong Kong): "The fusionchef by Julabo circulator is absolutely one of the best available for sous vide cooking. ..."

Alfonso Contrisciani

Alfonso Contrisciani, Certified Master Chef / World Global Master Chef (USA): "... I would highly recommend the fusionchef by Julabo circulators to every food service operation."

Alex Chen / The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows

Alex Chen, Executive Chef "The Beverly Hills Hotel & Bungalows" (USA / California): "The Julabo thermo circulator will be the most important equipment I will be bringing with me to the Bocuse d’Or competition in 2013."

Akmal Anuar / Iggy's - The Hilton Hotel

Akmal Anuar, Chef "Iggy's The Hilton Hotel" (Singapore): "We have been using various models of Julabo thermal regulators in our kitchen for a number of years. fusionchef by Julabo thermal regulators enable us to operate at an optimum level and limited recources. ..."

Sean Hope / The Olive Branch Country Inn

Sean Hope, "The Olive Branch Country Inn" (Great Britain): "Throughout my career I have always sought new and innovative ways to improve quality and consistency in my kitchen. ..."

Patrick Kurz / Restaurant Opéra

Patrick Kurz, Chef Restaurant Opéra / Alte Oper Frankfurt Restauration (Germany): "The units of the fusionchef series finally permit us to produce the perfect taste and absolutely consistent cooking results. ..."

Markus Mraz / Restaurant Mraz & Sohn

Markus Mraz, Chef de cuisine "Restaurant Mraz & Sohn" (Austria): "... We can recommend the Julabo circulator anytime!"



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