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"Schwäbisch Hällisch` Pork Belly cooked for 48 Hours"
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"Bush beans with olive oil"
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"Butternut Squash, Carrot, and Ginger Soup"
Photo © Bernd Jürgens /

"Ice cream"
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"Polar Sea Cod with Mumbai Curry, Lacquer of Crustaceans, Mildly Smoked Letcho with Bergknaupen"
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"Duck Breast"
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"Compressed Green Apple Fettuccini"
Photo © atoss /

"Traditional Goose"
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"Pickled Chicken, Red Wine Sauce, Broccoli and Shallot Potatoes"
Photo © Barbara Pheby /

"Salmon Confit with Eggplant Caviar and Hollandaise Sauce"
Photo © HL Photo /

"Müritz Char candied with Verbena Oil, Pistachio Emulsion and Salmon Skin Crumble "
Photo © HL Photo /

"Spicy Chinese Short Ribs"
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"Saffron fennel slices"
Photo © marcoguidi /

"John Dory with Lemongrass, Curry Foam, young Leek and Pearl Barley with Basil"
Photo © photomic /

"Pole beans with rosemary"
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"Pike-perch cooked in Verbena oil with lemon butter" from Frank Buchholz
Photo © fotofund /

"Fish filet" from Effilee
Photo © Swetlana Wall /

"Julabo units enable chefs to take full advantage of the benefits of the sous-vide technique, such as precise control of the water and core temperature, minimal cooking losses, and much more." 

 Heinz Hanner, Chef, "Relais & Châteaux Hanner"
Heinz Hanner
Relais & Châteaux Hanner

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