Manja von Drathen

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"We are a competence center for initial, advanced and continuing gastronomic training in the Hannover regions. We continuously strive to integrate modern cooking technologies in our training.

In the activity-based training for the professional cook m/f we use the fusionchef in combination with theoretical and practical lessons. The trainees compare classic cooking to sous vide cooking with a fusionchef unit. Among others the following aspects are examined:

  • Sensory comparison of the cooked products
  • Comparison of shrinkage
  • Cost analysis
  • Hygienic requirement for sous vide cooking

The fusionchef is ideal when addressing the subject of cooking sensitive food with the sous vide method in vocational theory and practice."

Manja von Drathen
Lecturer / Team Leader Cooks f/m

Berufsbildende Schule 2 der Region Hannover

Ohestraße 5
30169 Hannover