Joachim Jaud is “Der junge Wilde 2016”

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Congratulations Joachim Jaud on his victory in Junge Wilde-finals at the Gastro Premium Night in Hamburg: Congratulations for the title "Junger Wilder 2016".

In the grand final Joachim Jaud, Executive Sous Chef at the restaurant Opus V in Mannheim and newly crowned Junger Wilder 2016, was successful against Christina Steindl (Rohrmoser Cook GmbH, Bischofshofen) and Jürgen Kettner (Schöngrün, Bern). Lucki Maurer, member of the jury in 2016, was blown away by the performance of Joachim Jaud: "With just a few ingredients he brought the mouth to explode."

Joachim Jaud looks forward to a two-week internship in Brazil at Alex Atala in the restaurant D.O.M. which is ranked 9 of the world's best restaurants.

As every year, the candidate had to resort to a specific cart, which included the fusionchef by Julabo so all the candidates had to use the fusionchef sous vide cooker.