La Reine De Noisette - Berry shrub sous vide infusion

  • La Reine De Noisette - Cocktail Sous Vide
Stephan Hinz
Cooking time:
35 minutes
Level of difficulty:

Berry shrub (infusion sous vide):
300 g strawberries
300 g raspberries
30 g crushed coffee
300 g sugar syrup 2:1
300 ml blueberry vinegar

40 ml cognac
15 ml nut liqueur
15 ml berry shrub
15 ml orange juice
ice cubes


Berry shrub (infusion sous vide):
Vacuum strawberries, raspberries, crushed coffee beans, and sugar syrup 2:1, blueberry vinegar in a bag and place it in your fusionchef bath at 52 °C for 35 minutes. Pass everything through a sieve.

Take cognac, nut liqueur, berry shrub, and orange juice. Pour everything into a shaker, add ice cubes, shake and strain into a pre-cooled cocktail glass. Top off with soda. Garnish with a few de-juiced berries.

We thank Stephan Hinz for providing this recipe from the book "Cocktailkunst – Die Zukunft der Bar" / Edition Fackelträger.