Saddle of Venison with Hokkaido Pumpkin

Michael Kempf
April 2015

Flank Steak with Venere Rice

Marlene Berger
September 2018

garlic goose liver

Heiko Antoniewicz
March 2015

Iberica pork pluma

Alex Vidal
May 2016

Salad with rabbit, quail eggs and yoghurt foam

Danilo Ange
July 2020

Flank Steak with Bull Testicles

Dominik Gaspar
November 2018

Neck of lamb with sweetbreads and sweet potato

Thomas Bühner
January 2017

Beef Bavette Steak with potatoes

Frederik Jud
November 2015

Albers Flank Steak with Smoked trout foam

Stephan Haupt
January 2019


Jens Glatz
June 2017

Duck Liver

Maroun Chedid
November 2018

Filet Stroganoff

Annette Sandner
July 2017

Tender, crispy suckling lamb with lentil stew

Erlantz Gorostiza
March 2016

Egg with Iberian Pork Belly

Diego Dato
November 2018

Texas Style Brisket

Dominik Rossbach
October 2017

Hay roast beef

Danilo Ange
May 2016

Oxtail with Parsnip Puree and Ginger Pear

Diego Dato
November 2018

Beef sirloin with celery cream

Daniel Phillips
November 2017

Braised veal neck

Tim Raue
May 2019

Duck Leg Sous Vide with Spelt-Sotto, Mustard Cream and Romanesco

Stefan Lemberger
March 2018

Lamb loin, celeriac puree, and coffee

Danilo Ange
May 2020

US Beef Shoulder

Andi Schweiger
September 2018

Iberico Pork Pluma

Christina Steindl
July 2016

Hanging steak from Swabian cattle with salad and onions

Benjamin Maerz
August 2020

Flank Steak with Jerusalem artichokes

Philipp Philipp
October 2018

Iberico Pork with cauliflower risotto

Jens Glatz
December 2016

Anugs-Wagyu Oyster Blade

Bernhard Zimmerl
September 2020