Sous Vide Cooker Accessories

fusionchef by Julabo is available with a wide range of accessories so you can get the most from your sous vide equipment. Comprehensive, essential, practical.

Core Temperature Sensor
Adhesive Sealing Tape
Separation Grid XS/S
Separation Grid M
Separation Grid L
Separation Grid XL
Retaining Grid XS
Retaining Grid S/M
Retaining Grid L/XL
Steam Trapping Balls
Descaling Agent (1 liter)
Soft Travel Case (Polyester)
Travel Case
iSi Gourmet Clamp 0.5l
iSi Gourmet Clamp 1.0l
Timer Tapes, red
Timer Tapes, blue
Timer Tapes, yellow
Handheld Digital Thermometer
Bath attachment clamp
Software Easy fusionchef
USB Interface Adapter Cable
RS232 Interface Cable