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Low temperature cooking, increasingly known as sous vide cooking, has firmly established itself in haute cuisine due to the perfect, reproducible and aromatic results. Meanwhile, this method has made its way into other culinary areas. The reason for this is the compelling advantages of sous vide cooking and fusionchef: always perfect results, exact reproducibility and a low loss of food volume. For many years fusionchef by Julabo has been combining successful, professional temperature control technology with the art of cooking. Today acclaimed professional chefs from around the world swear by the sous vide method with fusionchef sous vide units.
Restaurant and Hotel

Sous vide for Restaurant and Hotel

Fits any professional kitchen. Where ever guests have to be supplied with excellent food, fusionchef makes day-to-day life easier.

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Innovative Chefs

Sous vide for innovative Chefs

A real star in star-rated haute cuisine. The innovative sous vide units from fusionchef are known by all innovative chefs around the world.

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Sous vide for Catering

Ideally suited for larger projects. Be it a major event or managing a canteen kitchen – sous vide with fusionchef is also perfect when somewhat more has to be handled.

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Butcher's shop

Sous vide for butcher's shop

Best taste guaranteed. With sous vide, every butcher’s shop and meat market will realize the numerous advantages for their heated counters.

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Sous vide for bartender

More innovation at the bar. fusionchef sous vide drinks are en vogue and create new scope for tangy cocktails and tasty drinks.

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Canteen Kitchens

Sous vide for Canteen Kitchens

Ideally suited for larger projects. Be it a major event or managing a canteen kitchen – sous vide with fusionchef is also perfect when somewhat more has to be handled.

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Recent News

Der Ludwig

Dirk Ludwig

November 5. 2015

"In our butchery and in the catering business we run, we have the fusionchef Diamond M in constant use and cannot dispense this technique anymore. If it’s roastbeef, pork or steaks we simply adjust the requested core temperature and we have the time to tackle other tasks. ...

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Alles für den Gast Salzburg

Everything for the Guest, the Exhibition highlights from Salzburg

November 4. 2015

Along with our partners, we look forward to welcoming you to stand 1205 in hall 10 from Nov. 7th -10th 2015 for a sous vide cocktail and professional discussion about everything relating to the fusionchef and sous vide.

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Host 2015

Host in retrospect

November 2. 2015

From Oct. 23rd – 27th 2015 visitors from around the world came together in Milan for the Host exhibition. fusionchef´s warm and invitingly designed booth was a hit and offered the optimal set up for detailed and professional discussions regarding sous vide.

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Is it possible that parts of the fusionchef sous vide cooker will corrode from improper handling?

Because stainless steel can corrode, please pay attention to the following instructions in order to prevent and protect the sous vide machine against rust and corrosion:

  • Do not clean the sous vide thermostat and the sous vide water bath with steel wool.
  • Do not add salt to the temperature regulated water.
  • Chlorine in drinking water can cause corrosion.
  • Iron containing drinking water can cause rust to form due to the flocculation of the iron when heated.

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Latest Sous Vide Recipes

  • Sous vide gammon steak with sauerkraut

    Gammon steak with sauerkraut

    Red cabbage with black salsify and romanesco

    Coffee Crusta - Cocktail sous vide

    Coffee Crusta

  • Sous vide saddle of pork with kohlrabi

    Saddle of pork with kohlrabi

    Sous vide saddle of venison with pears and lentils

    Saddle of venison with pears and lentils

    Artichoke medley sous vide: Sformato, in salad and cooked in Oil

    Artichoke medley

Sous vide cooker Pearl front


Ideal for starting with sous vide cooking. Recommended for restaurants, hotel restaurants, caterers, public caterers, butchers, and bars.

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"I introduce the fusionchef by Julabo units Pearl in my kitchens. ..."

Jose Sanchez CEC.CHE.
Executive chef
Conrad Tokyo Hotel

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