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Low temperature cooking, increasingly known as sous vide cooking, has firmly established itself in haute cuisine due to the perfect, reproducible and aromatic results. Meanwhile, this method has made its way into other culinary areas. The reason for this is the compelling advantages of sous vide cooking and fusionchef: always perfect results, exact reproducibility and a low loss of food volume. For many years fusionchef by Julabo has been combining successful, professional temperature control technology with the art of cooking. Today acclaimed professional chefs from around the world swear by the sous vide method with fusionchef sous vide units.

Sous vide for Restaurant and Hotel

Consistent quality, smoother work flows and save on costs every day?
With a bit of practice and use of high-quality products, sous vide cooking can ensure that your quality stays uniform through exact cooking times day after day.

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Sous vide for innovative Chefs

Do you want to stand out from the crowd by creating something impressively new?
Sous-vide technology is not just for conventional cooking; it can also be used to create imaginative dishes with regional and exotic products.

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Sous vide for Catering

Portable, high-quality catering?
Sous vide cooking is very well suited for preparing a variety of high-quality dishes in larger quantities.

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Sous vide for butcher's shop

A good lunch menu without a chef?
The sous vide technique is the ideal solution for pre-cooking a lunch menu in larger quantities and good quality at a fixed time and then serving without a chef.

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Sous vide for bartender

Crazy or traditional?
The sous vide technique offers new possibilities for preparing infusions for mixed drinks and cocktails.

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Sous vide for Canteen Kitchens

High-quality catering that keeps costs and personnel under control?
The sous vide technology is ideally suited for preparing high-quality, well-balanced meals for different target groups.

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Recent News

  • Gulfood Dubai – Cooking show with Heiko Antoniewicz

    February 4. 2016

    Sous vide for touching and tasting at the ‪Gulfood in Dubai: Heiko Antoniewicz will be using a small culinary sous vide selection to demonstrate live the advantages and possibilities for using the fusionchef professional sous-vide cooker in gastronomy live on February 21 - 25, 2016.

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    New sous vide workshops online!

    February 2. 2016

    There are many sous vide cooking workshops by experienced chefs to help you become familiar with sous vide techniques and how to optimize your own knowledge We have a list of workshops by the best loved sous-vide experts including Bruno Goussault (FR), Heiko Antoniewicz (DE), Rich Rosendale (USA), George Stylianoudakis (GR) and René Widmer (CH) on our website for professional chefs and ambitious cooks alike.

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    Intergastra 2016 - Star cuisine in trade show format

    January 28. 2016

    METRO Cash & Carry, in collaboration with star chef Benjamin Maerz, will be presenting traditional German dishes, Japanese specialties and the latest dishes from star kitchens and top level gastronomy at the 1,200 square meter trade show stand from February 20 - 24, 2016 – including demonstrations using the fusionchef professional sous vide cooking technology by Julabo.

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What preventative measures can be taken to stop the vacuum-sealed food from floating to the top of the sous vide water bath and thus cooking unevenly?

fusionchef offers custom fitting retaining grids for the XS, S, M, L and XL sous vide cooker in order to hold the vacuum bags under water. The retaining grids can be placed on top of the fusionchef sous vide water bath to guarantee the food is equally heated on all sides.

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Latest Sous Vide Recipes

  • Duck breast with oranges

    Farmer Boy’s Copper Haeven - Elyx asparagus sous vide infusion

    Beef Bavette Steak with potatoes

  • Georgia Mint Julep - Mint Bourbon sous vide infusion

    Gammon steak with sauerkraut

    Red cabbage with black salsify and romanesco

Sous vide cooker Diamond XS front

Diamond XS

The perfect solution for mobile chefs and small kitchens. Recommended for restaurants, hotel restaurants.

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"... When I got back to Malaysia , it was the 1st equipment in my kitchen wishlist."

Chef Warren


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