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Low temperature cooking, increasingly known as sous vide cooking, has firmly established itself in haute cuisine due to the perfect, reproducible and aromatic results. Meanwhile, this method has made its way into other culinary areas. The reason for this is the compelling advantages of sous vide cooking and fusionchef: always perfect results, exact reproducibility and a low loss of food volume. For many years fusionchef by Julabo has been combining successful, professional temperature control technology with the art of cooking. Today acclaimed professional chefs from around the world swear by the sous vide method with fusionchef sous vide units.

Sous vide for Restaurant and Hotel

Consistent quality, smoother work flows and save on costs every day?
With a bit of practice and use of high-quality products, sous vide cooking can ensure that your quality stays uniform through exact cooking times day after day.

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Sous vide for innovative Chefs

Do you want to stand out from the crowd by creating something impressively new?
sous vide technology is not just for conventional cooking; it can also be used to create imaginative dishes with regional and exotic products.

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Sous vide for Catering

Portable, high-quality catering?
Sous vide cooking is very well suited for preparing a variety of high-quality dishes in larger quantities.

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Sous vide for butcher's shop

A good lunch menu without a chef?
The sous vide technique is the ideal solution for pre-cooking a lunch menu in larger quantities and good quality at a fixed time and then serving without a chef.

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Sous vide for bartender

Crazy or traditional?
The sous vide technique offers new possibilities for preparing infusions for mixed drinks and cocktails.

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Sous vide for Canteen Kitchens

High-quality catering that keeps costs and personnel under control?
The sous vide technology is ideally suited for preparing high-quality, well-balanced meals for different target groups.

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Recent News

  • With Danilo Ange on culinary journey

    December 1. 2016

    The book is aimed at both a professional audience interested in optimising time and working methods, taking advantage of the multiplicity offered by the technology, as well as gourmet enthusiasts, who are more and more demanding of new techniques offered by the food and wine sector. Danilo Ange chose the topic of low temperature sous vide cooking as it is a technique which he found best suited to my cooking philosophy.

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    fusionchef at the Romhotel in Bukarest

    November 18. 2016

    Interested in Sous Vide? Until 20.11.2016, there is the possibility to get expert advice on the fusionchef Premium Sous Vide Collection at the Romhotel show in Bukarest at the booth of GASTROEXPERT.

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    October 24. 2016

    From October 23–26, 2016 you can find out more about the benefits and effective use of our fusionchef sous vide cookers in professional kitchens. Our dealers will be glad to help you choose the ideal model to meet your requirements.

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How often does the fusionchef sous vide cooker need to be descaled?

We recommend that you proactively descale your fusionchef on a regular basis before hard water deposits are visible. How often you need to descale will depend on the hardness of the water used in the machine. In order to protect your fusionchef from calcium deposits and for the safe removal of hard water deposits, we offer an effective descaler in our fusionchef line of accessories.

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Sous vide cooker Diamond S front

Diamond S

La solution compacte pour la cuisine professionnelle exigeante. Recommandé pour les restaurants et les hôtels-restaurants.

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"I introduce the fusionchef by Julabo units Pearl in my kitchens. ..."

Jose Sanchez CEC.CHE.
Executive chef
Conrad Tokyo Hotel

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