Alfonso Contrisciani

  • Alfonso Contrisciani

"The recent purchase of two Diamond fusionchef by Julabo immersion circulators was by far the best decision made for my department.  I being a strong advocate of classical cooking methods and procedures was some what hesitant in the world of sous vide cooking.  I have since ventured a long way into the science and practicality of taking complete control of the de-naturalization of all my proteins through a much more accurate time and temperature control process.

Further more I reduced the loss of product through cooking at higher temperatures in which are directly showing greater results to my bottom line. Sous vide allows me also to better utilize my labor force and do most of our portioning, marinating, maceration to all our proteins and precook, chill and store to point of service.

Also my customers are enjoying the expedited cooking time which reduces the service time period significantly.  The additional flavor, moisture and tenderness of our meats, poultry, game and fish is very recognizable by our patrons.  Fusion chef allows us to take complete control of all your products and assures a longer shelf life only affecting the overall quality in a positive matter.  I would highly recommend the fusionchef by Julabo circulators to every food service operation."

Alfonso Contrisciani
Certified Master Chef / World Global Master Chef