Is sous vide cooking complicated?

Geschnittenes angebratenes Fleisch

The term “sous vide” sounds somewhat pretentious and inevitably makes one think of high-end French gastronomy. But there’s no need to be scared off; in the same way as any other cooking method there are both extremely simple and naturally also more complicated and difficult dishes.

To start with, you need to learn about a few basic things that are different in the sous vide procedure and initially somewhat novel. But when it comes down to it, the procedure is actually not at all complicated. On the contrary, sous vide offers many advantages and simplifications that even less experienced cooks can use to quickly achieve better results.

This is not only due to the many, purely physical, advantages of the cooking process, but also to the fact that with sous vide it doesn't come down to the minute or even second when achieving the perfect cooking result. The factor of time is largely uncritical with sous vide. Simply set the correct water temperature and not a lot can go wrong. Recommended water temperatures and the minimum required cooking times, as well as pasteurization times, can be found in available charts, or alternatively you can use the optional core temperature sensor from the fusionchef Diamond series.

Compared to standard cooking procedures, sous vide cooking is considerably less prone to errors. Fast and reproducible successes are practically guaranteed from the start. Paying attention to and remembering a few basic rules means that not a lot can go wrong in the cooking process.