Marius Tim Schlatter

  • Marius Tim Schlatter

“I’ve been working with the sous vide process for several years and have now permanently integrated it into our daily work flow. Cooking sous vide allows me to prepare regional products that taste as perfectly as they look for a multiplicity of guests.

The poaching and the way aromas are intensified when the process is correctly done are the most important aspects for me. The Diamond Z from fusionchef by Julabo opens new perspectives for my cooking: whether cooking a la carte, banquets or on the road.

The tastes can be exponentially intensified any way you want with the sous vide technique. That means for me, as a chef, a huge reduction in work and a unique selling point in a highly competitive market.

And the business aspect should not be underestimated either. Less cooking loss and faster regeneration during high-traffic times makes it possible to offer guests high quality with fewer kitchen staff.

Marius Tim Schlatter

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