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Ideal for starting with sous vide cooking. Recommended for restaurants, hotel restaurants, innovative chefs, caterers, public caterers and butchers.

At a glance

  • Temperature stability of ±0.01 °C
  • Splash-proof operating keypad
  • Bright VFD temperature display
  • Hygienic anti-fingerprint stainless hood
  • Low-level water alarm
  • Three timers
  • Pre-programmed temperature memory keys (fish, meat, vegetables)
  • Core temperature alarm (acoustic and visual)
  • Straightforward HACCP-compliant data storage
  • Guided-user auto calibration
  • Simultaneous display of target and actual temperatures, core temperature and timer
  • PC control and recording
  • High-capacity pump (14l/min)
  • For vessels up to 58 liters
  • Easy installation with mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel protection grid (included)
  • Vapor barrier protection
  • Temperature display in °C and °F
  • Protection class IPX4: Protection against spray water from all directions
  • Standards: CE, RoHS, WEEE
  • Certification: NSF
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This mountable version of Diamond is particularly flexible, quickly assembled and ideal for use in catering. Its space-saving design allows for quick storage. Diamond guarantees a temperature stability of ±0.01 °C in vessels or cooking pots up to 58 liters.

We recommend cooking no more than half of the bath volume of food(s) in kg. This is necessary to facilitate sufficient water circulation to guarantee a consistent temperature inside the bath.
GN 1/2 200 mm (13 liters): up to about 5 kg
GN 1/1 150 mm (19 liters): up to about 8 kg
GN 1/1 200 mm (27 liters): up to about 12 kg
GN 2/1 150 mm (44 liters): up to about 20 kg
GN 2/1 200 mm (58 liters): up to about 27 kg

Diamond has all of the features that make Pearl so special plus additional innovative functions like pre-programmed memory keys for meat, fish, and vegetables, straightforward HACCP data logging, and calibration functions.

When used in conjunction with the core temperature sensor, Diamond emits an alarm to indicate that your selected core temperature has been reached. The Easy fusionchef software gives you the ability to control, visualize, and log HACCP-relevant data for up to 24 Diamond units simultaneously.

The timers can be started separately from each other so you always stay in control, even during hectic situations. The timer that will expire next is shown continuously. A visual and acoustic signal informs the chef when the desired time has passed. The timer then goes into the minus range so you always know the total time that the food has been cooking.

Each of the pre-programmed memory keys (fish, meat, and vegetables) is set by default to five practical temperature values. Of course, you can edit these values at any time. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Diamond has extensive functionality that makes it an excellent addition to any professional kitchen.

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# 9FX1175
Particle filter
# 9FX1150
Core Temperature Sensor
# 9FX1141
Adhesive Sealing Tape
# 9FX1142
Steam Trapping Balls
# 9FX1171
Descaling Agent (1 liter)
# 9FX1191
Soft Travel Case (Polyester)
# 9FX1190
Travel Case
# 9FX1130
iSi Gourmet Clamp 0.5l
# 9FX1131
iSi Gourmet Clamp 1.0l
# 9FX1145
Timer Tapes, red
# 9FX1146
Timer Tapes, blue
# 9FX1147
Timer Tapes, yellow
# 9FX1118
Bath attachment clamp standard (wall thickness to 30 mm)
# 9FX1119
Bath attachment clamp (wall thickness to 60 mm)
# 9FX1160
Software Easy fusionchef
# 9FX1161
USB Interface Adapter Cable
# 9FX1162
RS232 Interface Cable