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The perfect solution for mobile chefs and small kitchens. Recommended for restaurants, hotel restaurants, and bars.

At a glance

  • Temperature stability of ±0.03 °C
  • Splash-proof operating keypad
  • Bright LED temperature display
  • Hygienic anti-fingerprint stainless hood
  • Low-level water alarm
  • Timer
  • High-capacity pump (14l/min)
  • Stainless steel protection grid (included)
  • Vapor barrier protection
  • Temperature display in °C and °F
  • Stainless steel bridge
  • Insulated bath tank
  • Bath lid constructed of stainless steel
  • Drain tap
  • Robust handles
  • Protection class IPX4: Protection against spray water from all directions
  • Standards: CE, RoHS, WEEE
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Pearl XS is delivered fully assembled on a robust stainless steel bridge with an insulated bath tank (13-liter filling volume), stainless steel bath lid, and drain tap. This system is highly stable and robust with handles for easy transport.

The integrated safety protection grid prevents the vacuum pouch from touching the heating coil, pump and the float.
The strong circulating pump ensures optimum temperature stability and even distribution of water in the bath. This has a positive effect on the heat-up times when chilled pouches of foods are put into the bath.

The integrated timer allows for easy monitoring of the remaining cooking time.

As a closed unit, it greatly reduces evaporation of water, especially when cooking for long periods. As a result, safety shutdowns caused by a low water level are effectively avoided. When it’s time for cleanup, simply put the water bath and bath lid into a dishwasher.

We recommend cooking no more than half of the bath volume of food(s) in kg. This is necessary to facilitate sufficient water circulation to guarantee a consistent temperature inside the bath.
XS bath (13 liters): up to about 5 kg

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