On this page we have some answers to the most important questions about sous vide in general, the process and fusionchef. Our cumulative questions and the answers provide a first look at the sous vide subject. Chefs can receive feedback on their very specific questions regarding their professional kitchens. If any questions should remain unanswered, please contact us and state your question.

We recommend using several fusionchef units when simultaniously working with different cooking temperatures and cooking various foods (e.g. meat, fish, vegetables). With the help of multiple fusionchef units, different temperatures can be controlled and a complete menu can be developed at the same time.

Another option is to use the core temperature sensor for the Diamond. The Diamond sous vide thermostat can be set to heat the water to the highest temperature needed for the first food, meanwhile another food requiring a lower temperature can be controlled by the core temperature sensor. When the desired core temperature of the second food is reached, immediately remove it from the sous vide water bath. It is ready.

fusionchef offers custom fitting separation grids for the XS, S, M, L and XL sous vide instruments in order to divide the water bath into sections. The cooking products can then be divided by time needed and easily identified to be taken out at different times.

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If the core temperature sensor is used in conjunction with the special fusionchef adhesive sealing tape, then the puncture point in the vacuum bag is sealed and the vacuum will be maintained. It cannot be completely ruled out that water from the water bath does not come into contact with the food.

fusionchef instruments are constructed for continuous use under normal circumstances. It is not necessary to service the units on a regular basis.

All fusionchef sous vide instruments are meticulously tested and calibrated before leaving our factory. They are designed for precise, continuous operation. It will take a long time for the instrument´s sensors to lose a very minimal amount of precision if any. Only after many years, can there be slight differences. Therefore it is not necessary to calibrate the fusionchef thermostat under normal conditions.

The protective grid must be removed in order to carefully clean the functional parts (circulation pump, float, and the heater).
Important: The machine must be turned off and the electrical cord must be unplugged! Do not lay the sous vide thermostat on its head - doing so will allow water to seep into the machine!

Take the sous vide thermostat out of the sous vide water bath and diligently dry it. Do not allow any water to seep into the machine.
Turn the sous vide thermostat on its side and lightly push the edge of the metal housing to the side. Then pull the protective grid down. After cleaning the protective grid, remount it in the reverse order.

Schutzgitter Diamond Pearl 01   Schutzgitter Diamond Pearl 02
After that, check the function of the low-level safety mechanism: test if the float can easily move by using a thin pin through the opening in the protective grid.

Each fusionchef sous vide model (XS, S, M. L and XL) comes with a drain valve that needs to be inserted in place of the integrated screw plug before the first use. To empty the water bath, turn off the sous vide thermostat and unplug the machine. Place the sous vide machine over a drain or place the drain valve over a large enough vessel. Open the drain valve and let the water flow out.

The sous vide cooking method reduces cooking food shrinkage to a minimum and the Pearl will already pay for itself with the savings on food shrinkage after sous vide cooking circa 170kg of beef tenderloin.

For example, a fusionchef Diamond M consumes ca. 6.5 kW while operating for 18 hours. The calculation is based on the following prerequisites:
The water´s stating temperature in the fusionchef sous vide water bath is between 15  ̊C and 20  ̊C
When the set temperature is reached, a kilogram of Sauerbraten (core temperature of +3  ̊C) is placed into the sous vide water bath and is cooked at 60  ̊C for 18 hours.

In order to maintain optimal water circulation and a constant temperature inside the sous vide water bath or external cooking vessel, we recommend, as a general rule of thumb, not to cook any more than about half of the water bath volume in kg of food.

XS Sous vide water bath by fusionchef or GN 1/2 200 mm (13 liters):       up to circa 5 kg
S Sous vide water bath by fusionchef or GN 1/1 150 mm (19 liters):            up to circa 8 kg
M Sous vide water bath by fusionchef or GN 1/1 200 mm (27 liters):         up to circa 12 kg
L Sous vide water bath by fusionchef or GN 2/1 150 mm (44 liters):           up to circa 20 kg
XL Sous vide water bath by fusionchef or GN 2/1 200 mm (58 liters):       up to circa 27 kg



We recommend that you proactively descale your fusionchef on a regular basis before hard water deposits are visible. How often you need to descale will depend on the hardness of the water used in the machine. In order to protect your fusionchef from calcium deposits and for the safe removal of hard water deposits, we offer an effective descaler in our fusionchef line of accessories.

Sous vide cooker accessories descaling agent (1 liter)

Only use decalcified water in a fusionchef sous vide instrument. The water should be changed on a regular basis. We recommend it be changed daily.
Not changing the water on a regular basis

  • can increase the concentration of minerals in the water from the continuous refilling, which will create a crust on the sous vide thermostat and the sous vide water bath.
  • can result in contamination of the vacuum bags from particles in the water.

Because stainless steel can corrode, please pay attention to the following instructions in order to prevent and protect the sous vide machine against rust and corrosion:

  • Do not clean the sous vide thermostat and the sous vide water bath with steel wool.
  • Do not add salt to the temperature regulated water.
  • Chlorine in drinking water can cause corrosion.
  • Iron containing drinking water can cause rust to form due to the flocculation of the iron when heated.

Always turn off and unplug the sous vide instrument before cleaning it. Be careful not to allow any water used in cleaning to seep into the machine.
Do not clean a fusionchef sous vide machine with a jet of water or submerge it into water. Do not lay the sous vide thermostat on its head - doing so will allow water to seep into the machine.

Svc Reinigen Spuelen Pearl Diamond            Svc Reinigen Tauchen Pearl Diamond

Wash the stainless steel water bath and the functional parts (circulation pump, float, and the heater) with a mild soap solution. Rinse the bath and parts with filtered water and diligently wipe all the parts dry with a soft towel. Do not lay the machine on its head! Rub down the outer sides with a towel and the mild soap solution.

Finally, check the low-level safety feature. Hold the sous vide thermostat perpendicular to the countertop and test the ease of movement of the float.

Pearl Diamond Schwimmertest

fusionchef offers custom fitting retaining grids for the XS, S, M, L and XL sous vide cooker in order to hold the vacuum bags under water. The retaining grids can be placed on top of the fusionchef sous vide water bath to guarantee the food is equally heated on all sides.

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Every fusionchef comes with an integrated circulation pump with a capacity of 14l/min. It is responsible for the continuous circulation of water in the vessel and results in a constant temperature within ± 0.01°C of the set temperature in the entire sous vide water bath or external cooking vessel.