Grilled Bavette Steak with sous vide Jerusalem artichoke

  • Gerillte Bavette mit Sous Vide TopinamburGegrillte Bavett Matthiasbernwieser
Matthias Bernwieser
Level of difficulty:

1 kg bavette d’aloyau (sirloin flap)
50 g beef fat
Assam long pepper (whole corns)
12 Jerusalem artichokes
8 packs yeast
500 g sunflower oil
1 l whipping cream
1 capsule Nespresso Ristretto Intenso Gand Gru
200 g beef stock
100 ml white wine
2 shallots
50 g mustard seeds
1 garlic bulb
500 g butter
50 g Dijon mustard
3 egg yolks
1 tbsp Basic Textur texturiser


Roasted yeast:
Roast the yeast in a saucepan and deep-fry in 200 ml of sunflower oil.

Coffee cream:
Bring the coffee capsule with the whipping cream to a boil and strain through a food mill. Reduce the whipping cream until caramelised. Pour off the excess fat and add a little water and Gelespessa until the desired consistency is reached.

Mustard seeds:
Boil the mustard seeds in fresh water up to 8 times to remove any bitterness.

Mustard emulsion:
Reduce the white wine and mix with the egg yolks, salt, Dijon mustard and Basic Textur. Emulsify with 200 ml of smoked brown bitter. Then fill the mixture into an iSi cream whipper, insert one cream charger and keep warm in the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 65 °C.

Jerusalem artichoke:
Put the Jerusalem artichoke together with salt into a vacuum bag and cook in the sous vide water bath at 80 °C. Then deep-fry in sunflower oil.

Roasted yeast sauce:
Add the shallots, garlic and white wine to the beef stock and mix with the roasted yeast. Leave the sauce to stay for 5 minutes and strain through a food mill. Add Gelespessa until the desired consistency is reached.

Bavette steak:
Temper the meat, season with salt and Assam long pepper and sauté in a frying pan with some oil and butter. Leave it to stay for 15 minutes and cook on a grill until done.

Dry-aged beef fat:
Cut the beef fat into thin slices while cold, flatten the slices between two sheets of baking paper and place onto the portioned meat when serving.

Recipe courtesy of Matthias Bernwieser (3rd qualifying round JUNGE WILDE 2015 / main course) / Photo: ©ROLLING PIN