Iberica pork pluma sous vide

  •  Pluma Iberica Sous Vide
Alex Vidal
Level of difficulty:

Iberica pork pluma (sous vide):
2 kg Iberica pork pluma
1 dl extra native olive oil
10 g Ras el Hanout
25 g powdered gelatin
3 dl yogurt
Black pepper

Carrot sand:
500 g carrots
100 g butter
150 g flat flour
2 g salt

Charcoal sweets:
1 piece wood charcoal
2 dl Melgarejo Premium Olive Oil Arbequina
25 g glucose
15 g gelatin
12 ml water
Powdered sugar

Vanilla caviar:
2.5 dl water
0.4 g xanthan gum
0.6 g calcium chloride
2 vanilla beans
750 ml water
3.8 g Texturas Algin

Jamón chestnuts (sous vide):
100 g fat from Jamón Recebo
200 g edible chestnuts

Chestnut cream:
200 g edible chestnuts
2 dl water
2 g xanthan gum


Pluma Iberica (sous vide):
Trim fat from the pork pluma generously. Salt and pepper meat and then sear on the grill at high temperature. Meat should remain bloody inside. Vacuum the seared meat with the separated fat and cook at 60 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath for 7 hours.
Put the yogurt in a small pot with the Ras el Hanout and bring to a boil and then add the gelatin. Place a serving of finished, cooked meat (120 g per person) on a plate and cover with yogurt sauce. The sauce should be like a blanket around the meat.

Carrot sand:
Peel carrots and grate into a bowl. Add the melted butter, flour and salt. Spread the mixture thinly over a baking sheet and bake in an 110 °C oven for 40 minutes.

Charcoal sweets:
Burn the wood charcoal and dip in the olive oil, leaving it to seep for 15 minutes. Then add the water and glucose and heat to 107 °C.
Remove from the stove, add the gelatin and stir until it is dissolved. Pour it into a container and allow to set. The layer should be at least 3 cm high. Once set, cut it into cubes 3 x 3 cm and roll in powdered sugar.

Vanilla caviar:
Open vanilla beans and remove seeds. Heat 2.5 dl water to 70 °C, pour over the beans and allow to seep. Remove pods from water and add xanthan gum and calcium chloride. Mix 750 ml water with the Texturas Algin in a bowl and allow to set. Finish the vanilla caviar with a syringe by allowing the drops to fall in the water-Algin mixture. Chill caviar.

Jamón chestnuts (sous vide):
Vacuum the Jamón fat and allow it to dissolve in the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 75 °C for 50 minutes. Roast the chestnuts until they are soft and then cook in the liquidized Jamón fat at 50 °C.

Chestnut cream:
Cook the chestnuts with the salt. As soon as they are soft, mix them in a Thermomix until a fine cream results. Add the xanthan gum.

This recipe from the preliminaries of the “JUNGE WILDE 2016” was kindly made available to us by Alex Vidal.