Savoy Cabbage Praline / Chestnut / Pumpernickel / Horseradish

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Stefan Lemberger
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Recipe for 4 persons

calf’s head (Sous Vide)
1 calf’s head (pre-ordered from butcher)
2 onions
½ celeriac
1 savoy cabbage
1 lemon
200 g pumpernickel
40 g salt
10 g coarse pepper
10 g juniper
10 g caraway
10 g bay
20 g sugar
60 ml olive oil

Chestnut puree:
½ kg chestnuts
½ liter calf’s head broth
0.3 l cream
50 g butter
40 g salt
20 g sugar
Lemon zest of 2 lemons

Horseradish cream:
200 g sour cream
50 g grated fresh horseradish
10 g rue
4 stalks of salad burnet


Calf’s head:
Season calf’s head with salt, sugar, pepper, bay, juniper berries and vacuum. Cook for 10 hours at 58 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide cooker.

Clean the savoy cabbage. Season with salt, sugar and lemon juice, and vacuum as well.
Allow to infuse for 30 minutes at 58 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide cooker, and douse.

Cut the cooked calf’s head in 3 mm cubes. Mix with fried celery and onions and roll into cooled savoy cabbage.

Roughly dice the pumpernickel, dry for approx. 3 hours in the oven at 90 °C. Then, grind in mixer with some olive oil to dust. Season with salt and pepper.

Chestnut puree:
Sauté the cooked chestnuts with butter. Season with salt. Strain calf’s head broth from the vacuum bag and use to douse the chestnuts. Simmer until soft. Add cream and puree in blender.

Horseradish cream:
Mix sour cream with grated horseradish, salt, pepper and rue. Decorate with salad burnet.

This recipe was kindly provided by Stefan Lemberger.