Sous vide Beef Bavette Steak with potatoes

  • Rinds-Bavette Sous Vide mit Kartoffeln
Frederik Jud
Level of difficulty:

Beef bavette steak (top butt flap / sous vide):
1500 g top butt flap
3 tbsp mustard powder
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp Wiberg paprika, smoked
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp black pepper
½ tbsp marjoram, thyme, cayenne pepper each
50 g roasted black sesame seeds

Rocket cream:
35 g fresh rocket leaves
35 g poultry stock
15 g gherkin juice
½ tbsp Dijon mustard
30 g egg white, pasteurised
50 g roasted sesame oil
50 g olive oil
50 g hazelnut oil
50 g roasted pine nuts
1 pinch of xanthan
Sea salt
Black pepper

Bacon stock:
1 l poultry stock
200 g smoked ham
100 g pork belly, cooked and smoked
90 g egg white, pasteurised
1 bay leaf

Bacon drops:
50 g bacon, diced
150 ml full cream
1 shallot, cut in brunoise
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 gelatin sheet, soaked
100 ml bacon stock
5 g Sosa, veg. gelatin

Gruyère foam (sous vide):
225 g poultry stock
45 g Basic Textur texturiser
75 g Gruyère cheese, grated
2 g sea salt
1 g lime juice, freshly squeezed

Tomato compote:
40 g sugar
20 g Aceto bianco
300 g tomatoes, freshly pureed
1 g Wiberg Paprika, smoked
Sambal Oelek
Sea salt
Worcestershire sauce

Sweet corn cream:
50 g butter
50 g shallots, cut in brunoise
500 g sweet corn kernels (tinned)
125 ml whole milk
125 ml full cream
Sea salt

Souffled potatoes:
1 l HOLL rapeseed oil for deep-frying
8-10 potatoes, floury

1 bowl basil cress
1 bowl red mustard cress
1 bowl rock chives
10 cherry tomatoes
50 baby corn cobs


Beef bavette steak (sous vide):
Marinate the meat with the spices, put into a vacuum bag and cook in the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 54 °C for 90 minutes. Then sauté in the griddle pan for colour and taste. Take the meat out of the pan and coat with roasted, black sesame seeds.

Rocket cream:
Wash and dry the rocket leaves and freeze on a tray in the blast chiller. Put the frozen leaves into the liquidiser and mix immediately with the poultry stock, gherkin juice and Dijon mustard until smooth.

Add the liquid egg white and mix well. While mixing, slowly pour in the oils. Add the roasted pine nuts and mix well.

Add sea salt and black pepper to taste. Add the xanthan, mix well again and pass through a strainer.

Bacon stock:
Mince the smoked ham and belly of pork using the mincer, mix with poultry stock and egg white and clarify. Carefully strain through a cloth, reduce a little and season to taste.

Bacon drops:
Braise the shallots lightly in some butter. Add the bacon and fill up with full cream. Add the gelatin. Mix and add salt, pepper and mustard to taste. Fill into small semispheres and freeze. Bring the bacon stock with the gelatine to a boil, immerse the frozen bacon drops in it and leave to thaw.

Gruyère foam (sous vide):
Mix the poultry stock with the Basic Textur and Gruyère cheese in the Thermomix at 80 °C for five minutes. Then add salt and lime juice to taste and pass through a fine strainer. Fill the warm mixture into the iSi cream whipper and keep warm at 65 °C.

Tomato compote:
Caramelise the sugar without adding fat. When the sugar starts to brown, immediately deglaze with vinegar. Add the pureed tomatoes and reduce a little. Add Sambal Oelek, sea salt and Worcestershire sauce to taste and continue reducing the mixture until it has the consistency of a compote.

Sweet corn cream:
Heat half of the butter and fry the onions until transparent. Add the corn kernels and fill up with milk and cream. Then simmer for about 10 minutes. Fill into a liquidiser and puree together with the remaining butter. Add salt to taste and fill into a pastry bag.

Souffled potatoes:
Heat 500 g of rapeseed oil in two saucepans each (120 °C and 190 °C). Peel the potatoes and cut lengthwise into thin slices of 3 mm. Put the slices into the oil heated to 120 °C and deep-fry until they start to blister.

Take out and immediately put into the oil heated to 190 °C. Deep-fry the potato slices until they start to curl. Take out of the oil and drain any excess oil on a paper towel. Season the souffled potatoes with salt.

Draw a line in the middle of the plate with rocket cream using a comb. Arrange the bacon drops, the Gruyère foam, the tomato compote with the cherry tomatoes, the sweet corn cream with the baby corn cobs and the souffled potatoes on top.

Cut the meat into nice thick slices, arrange in parallel and garnish with cress.

Recipe courtesy of Frederik Jud (1st qualifying round JUNGE WILDE 2015 / main course)