Sous vide venison with pumpkin

  • Sous Vide Reh mit Kürbis
Christian Singer
Cooking time:
30 minutes
Level of difficulty:

Rolls of red cabbage:
1 head of red cabbage
100 ml rice vinegar
200 ml raspberry vinegar
1 tsp. purple curry powder
Salt, sugar, sauce thickener
Green Tabasco

Puree from preserved pumpkin:
1 Butternut pumpkin
50 ml rice vinegar
30 ml fish sauce
30 ml sushi-ginger juice
20 ml red chili sauce
10 ml orange oil

Coco-coriander crème:
1 bunch of coriander
150 ml coconut puree
Green chili sauce
Green Tabasco

Peanut -Sate powder:
100 g peanuts
20 g brown Muscovado sugar
20 g red curry paste
3g salt

Saddle of venison (sous vide):
600 g saddle of venison, deboned


Rolls of red cabbage:
Vacuum the outer, thin cabbage leaves with rice vinegar and lightly flatten with a meat pounder; let it rest for approx. 48 hours until they are soft and flexible. Thinly slice some of the inner cabbage leaves and marinate them with salt and raspberry vinegar. Take a little bit of the raspberry vinegar, mix it with agar and cook to make a sprayable jelly. (100 ml raspberry vinegar=1g agar)

Remove the red cabbage leaves from the vacuum bag and pat dry. Spread with the raspberry vinegar jelly and place some sliced cabbage on it. Use saran wrap to roll up the cabbage leaves tightly. Cut the finished rolls into 2 cm thick slices.

Purple curry sauce:
Extract the juice of the remaining red cabbage and boil it, reducing it by 1/3. Season it to taste with purple curry powder, salt, sugar and raspberry vinegar, thicken it with a bit of sauce thickener.

Puree from preserved pumpkin:
Cut half of the butternut pumpkin into 1cm dice and marinate with rice vinegar, fish sauce, sushi-ginger juice, red chili sauce and orange oil.

Fill everything into a preserving jar, close the jar well, and let it cook at 90 °C for approx. 40 minutes. Store in a cool and dark place for at least 2 weeks to allow the pumpkin to absorb the flavors.  Finely puree the pumpkin and thicken if required.  

Grilled pumpkin:
Cut the remaining pumpkin into 1cm slices and cut into shape; fry them slowly at low heat from both sides until golden brown. Sprinkle with a bit of salt.

Coco-coriander crème:
Blanch the coriander in salt water and cool them rapidly; bring the coconut puree to a boil and thicken with sauce thickener. Add the coriander as soon as the coconut puree has cooled off and freeze in a Pacojet cup.

When it is completely frozen, pacotize it twice, season to taste with Tabasco, salt, and green chili sauce. Fill into a spray bottle.

Peanut -Sate powder:
Mix the peanuts with brown sugar, red curry paste, salt and a bit of hot water and let it marinate for 2 days. Spread the mixture on a Silpat silicone mat and roast it in the oven at 110 °C for 1 hour then let it dry over night at 80 °C. Carefully ground the nuts in a mortar to a powder and strain.

Saddle of venison (sous vide):
Slightly salt the venison and fry from all sides. Wrap tightly into saran wrap or aluminum foil to get a nice, regular roll. Place the wrapped venison into the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 61 °C for 30 minutes. When it is done, remove the foil and shortly fry once more from all sides.

Place one spoon of purple curry sauce on the plate. Carve the venison and place one slice onto the sauce; sprinkle sate powder over everything.

Place a few dots of pumpkin puree and coriander crème on the plate, place the red cabbage rolls and grilled pumpkin next to them and garnish with a bit of Goa cress.

This recipe was generously provided by Christian Singer.