Topside of New Zealand venison sous vide

  • Oberschale vom Neuseeland-Hirsch Sous VideNeuseelandhirsch Matthiasbernwieser
Matthias Bernwieser
Cooking time:
8 minutes
Level of difficulty:

1 kg topside of New Zealand venison
50 g corn starch
100 g porcine blood
50 ml milk
150 g  Frank‘s pumpkin seed oil
1 pc vanilla pod
3 pcs red cabbage
50 g Basic Texture
120 ml sun flower oil
4 pcs eggs
80 g  wheat flour
10 g salt
Pepper (corns), juniper berries, bay leaves


Red cabbage jus:
Extract the juice from the red cabbage (3 pcs.) and reduce the juice to one third. Briefly infuse the reduced red cabbage juice with the pepper corns, juniper berries, and the bay leaves. Pour the infused red cabbage juice through a food mill and add 50 g Basic Texturizer to give it some texture and consistency.

Pumpkin seed emulsion:
Heat 50 ml milk to 40 °C and mix it with salt and the pulp of a vanilla pod. Add sun flower oil to achieve a mayonnaise-like consistency („emulsify“).

Roasted flour bread:
Roast approx. 80 g flour in a pan until dark brown. Let it cool off. In the meantime mix the eggs (4 pcs) with the sun flower oil and salt using a hand blender. Add the cooled-down, sifted flour and mix well. Fill the mixture into an ISI bottle. Load the ISI bottle with 2-3 chargers to foam the mixture. Spray the mixture into degreased plastic cups until half full. Cook it in the microwave at medium power for approx. 30 seconds.

Topside of New Zealand venison (sous vide):
Vacuum the venison topside and cook in your fusionchef sous vide water bath at 70 °C for 8 minutes. To create a roasted flavor, roll briefly in foamy butter. Mix the blood with the Maizena until smooth. Brush the topside with the blood/Maizena mixture on one side. Roast and brush again. Repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times to achieve a crispy blood-crust.

The finale recipe of the competition “Young, Wild Chefs 2014” was kindly provided by Matthias Bernwieser.