Beetroot sous vide with tofu and cranberry

  • Beetroot sous vide with tofu and cranberryRote Beete Cranberry Renefrank
René Frank
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Beetroot sorbet:
150 g beetroot juice
100 g cranberry puree
50 g treacle
50 g beetroot juice reduction
25 g dextrose powder
25 g glucose powder
2 g sorbet stabilizer
100 g redcurrant
100 g raspberry
100 g cooked beetroot
70 g lime juice
lime zest
10 g white rum (37.5%)

Cranberries (sous vide):
2800 g fresh lemon zest
1400 g sugar
2100 g water
12 g salt
1 vanilla bean
14 strips of orange peel
14 strips of lemon peel
10 vacuum bags
400 g cranberries
480 g stock (see above for recipe)

Raspberry juice (sous vide):
2500 g raspberries (frozen)
125 g sugar

Beetroot corners (sous vide):
400 g beetroot juice (pressed)
300 g beetroot juice
2 g salt
20 g sugar

Tofu foam:
300 g coconut milk
50 g water
85 g honey
8 g agar
400 g silken tofu
20g fermented tofu
lime zest
50 g lemon, lime juice
1 g salt


Beetroot sorbet:
Warm up the beetroot juice, cranberry puree, treacle and beetroot reduction. Mix the dextrose powder and glucose powder with the stabilizer then bring to the boil. Add to the berries and then mix. Finally, add the remaining ingredients and puree. Add to the Paco Jet container and freeze. Pacotize approx 2 hours before serving.

Cranberries (sous vide):
Wash the cranberries then prick each twice with a toothpick. Add the sugar to a pan and cook into a light caramel. Then douse with
water. Add the remaining ingredients and leave the stock to cool. After that divide between 10 vacuum bags: Each with 400 g cranberries and 480 g stock and vacuum to 100 %. Cook at 80 °C in the fusionchef water bath for 90 minutes sous vide. Store
the bags like Weck glasses at room temperature.

Raspberry juice (sous vide):
Vacuum the raspberries and sugar and cook Sous Vide for 2 hours at 70 °C in the fusionchef water bath. Sieve through a muslin cloth. The juice that is produced can be frozen, stored and used for the next recipe.

Beetroot corners (sous vide):
Peel the beetroot and use an olive pitter to press out round pearls. Extract the juice from the remaining beets in a juicer. Add the juice to one vacuum bag respectively. Add salt and sugar. Then vacuum and cook for 2 hours sous vide at 90 °C in the fusionchef water bath.  Store the bags like Weck glasses at room temperature.

Drain the beetroot before use and add 150 g raspberry juice and 150 g cranberry juice to the 400 g of vacuum cooked beetroot. Vacuum in the same bag without the beetroot juice and allow to infuse for 24 hours. This should be used within two days.

Tofu foam:
Bring the above mentioned ingredients to the boil and simmer for one minute. Leave to cool and mix the resulting jello until smooth in a Thermomix. Puree and add to the ISI syphon, load two NO2 cartridges. Prepare all the components as shown in the diagram.

This recipe was kindly provided by Fabian Vandrey.
Photo credit: Maximilian Carlo Schmidt