Sous vide radishes with fresh cheese

  • Sous Vide Radieschen mit FrischkäseRadieschen Frischkaese Janphilippberner
Jan Philipp Berner
Level of difficulty:

For 6 persons:

Steamed radishes (sous vide):
50 freshly harvested, small radishes
200 ml carbonated mineral water
2 ml chardonnay vinegar
1 tsp. granulated sugar
1 pinch sea salt
Freshly ground white pepper

Radish purée:
14 steamed radishes–
water from the radishes, if needed for diluting
(See “Steamed radishes”)
40 ml grape seed oil

Fresh cheese (sous vide):
500 ml whole milk
25 ml table cream
10 ml buttermilk
2 g rennet (enzyme for making cheese;  
available at cheese stores)


Steamed radishes (sous vide):
Remove the green leaves from the radishes Take the tender, green leaves and place them in cold water and set aside as garnish. Do not cut the root from the radishes. Place the radishes, mineral water, vinegar, sugar, sea salt and some white pepper in a vacuum bag and seal. Cook for 30–40 minutes at 95 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath. Then, immediately remove the bag and douse with ice water. Remove the radishes from the bag and save the radish water.
Set 14 radishes and a bit of radish water aside for the puree.
Put the remaining radish water into a large pan and glaze the 36 steamed radishes while constantly swirling them. Cook off the liquid as you do so.

Radish purée:
Very finely purée the steamed radishes in a mixer and then slowly drizzle the grape seed oil in while mixing. If the purée becomes too thick, thin with some radish water.

Fresh cheese (sous vide):
Warm milk in a pan to 23  °C. Add the cream, buttermilk and rennet. Put the mixture into a vacuum bag and seal. Place in the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 36.5  °C. Allow the cheese to sit until it has the consistency of fresh feta cheese. Then, remove the cheese and place in a bowl. Allow to cool before crumbling coarsely and stirring using a fork.

Distribute the radish purée evenly into 6 deep plates, arrange the glazed radishes with the root facing upwards on top, sprinkle the crumbled cheese between the radishes and garnish with the radish leaves.
Fresh goat cheese or sheep milk yogurt can also be used for this recipe. This dish is intended to be more of a side dish, for instance for a hearty breakfast, than as a stand-alone dish.

This recipe was kindly provided by Jan Philipp Berner.