White sous vide asparagus on a St. George´s mushroom mayonnaise foam

  • Weißer Spargel auf zartem Schaum aus MaipilzmayonnaiseWeisser Spargel Erlantzgorostiza
Erlantz Gorostiza
Level of difficulty:

St. George´s mushroom mayonnaise foam (sous vide):
130 g whole eggs
60 g egg yellows
60 g St. George´s mushrooms
200 g sunflower seed oil
White wine vinegar

Sautéed onion sauce:
350 g red onions
3 l mineral water

Red onion sauce (sous vide):
2.5 kg red onion
500 g ham bone
10 g table salt

Gelatinized onion rings:
300 g sautéed onion sauce
100 g red onion sauce
2.4 g Agar-Agar
1 half gelatin sheet
White asparagus (sous vide):
2.5 kg white asparagus
1 l milk
Some coffee beans

Roasted Serrano ham shavings:
Casalba Serrano ham

Serve with:
Raw St. George´s mushroom pieces
White asparagus sprouts


St. George´s mushroom mayonnaise foam (sous vide):
Mix the eggs, egg yellows, and St. George´s mushrooms in a Thermomix for 2 minutes and 30 seconds long at level 3 and 40 ˚C. Take out and emulsify with a blender and slowly add a little oil at a time. Fill an iSi bottle with the contents and use 2 cartridges (total amount 480g) and cook in fusionchef sous vide water bath at 64 ˚C.

Sautéed onion sauce:
Sautee the two onions in a skillet then transfer to a pot and cover with water and simmer for two hours on low heat.  Reduce into small pieces and strain and filter through a Superbag.

Red onion sauce (sous vide):
Peel the onions and carve crossways not too deep with the knife. Salt and vacuum seal together with ham bones in a sous vide vacuum bag. Cook in a fusionchef water bath at 98˚C for 5 hours. Use a strainer to strain the sauce. Put the onions in a Superbag and press carefully. Cool to 40 ˚C (ca. 600 g per recipe).

Gelatinized onion rings:
Soak the gelatin. Add the Agar-Agar to only one third of the red onion sauce. Add the soaked gelatin sheet to the sauce and bring to a boil.  Mix with the remaining two thirds of the onion sauce and pour on half of a professional sheet to let gelatinize. Use two onion ring mold circles with different circumferences to cut out forms.

White asparagus (sous vide):
Carefully peel the asparagus spears and cut 3 cm off at the bottoms. Use 2.5 kg asparagus per 1 l milk, a pinch of salt and a few coffee beans. Cover the asparagus spears with milk, the salt and coffee beans in a sous vide vacuum bag and cook in a fusionchef water bath at 96˚C  for 11 minutes.
Cool in ice water and put aside. Cut the asparagus tips off the spears directly before serving.

Roasted Serrano ham shavings:
Brown the ham pieces in sunflower oil over low heat until crispy. Let cool and grind up.

Food arrangement:
Warm the asparagus spears in lukewarm milk. Heat a skillet with high heat and little olive oil and then add the asparagus tips. Brown for a few seconds, until they get a little color on one side, then toss. Repeat several times.
On the side, take the spears out of the lukewarm milk and carefully drip dry and sprinkle the roasted ham shavings over them and start with the food arrangement. Lay the asparagus pieces vertical and alternate always laying a tip next to a stalk. To complete, add the St. George´s mushroom mayonnaise foam to the bottom of the plate and lay the gelatinized onion rings on top of the asparagus tips. Garnish with raw St. George´s mushrooms and white asparagus sprouts.

This recipe was generously provided by Erlantz Gorostiza.