Khoo Wee Bin

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"Throughout my career I have been using and experiencing different brands of sous vide water bath devices since the early 1990s. I have always sought new and innovative ways to improve the quality and consistency in my culinary creations, especially when using them
for international culinary competitions.

When I first used Diamond M of fusionchef by Julabo, showcasing sous vide cooking to our Diploma in Culinary Arts Students I was very impressed. The appliance has a professional, sleek appearance that is easy to sanitize and clean. The temperature control is superbly accurate and consistent, and adjustments in temperature are awesomely fast and efficient. It allowed me to achieve precise, reliable and consistent results.

Maintaining the machine is easy. Especially the drainage design provides any user easy change of water and a hygienic, clean environment for advanced culinary applications."

Khoo Wee Bin
Senior Chef Instructor / Team Captain Singapore National Culinary Team

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