Sean Hope

  • Sean Hope

"Throughout my career I have always sought new and innovative ways to improve quality and consistency in my kitchen. The sous vide approach is no exception.  I have been using fusionchef by Julabo to develop my sous vide cooking for a considerable time now and have been able to realise its true potential in a traditional English pub environment.  

Working with Culinary Innovations and fusionchef by Julabo has enabled me to have the confidence on a practical level to improve kitchen techniques, efficiency and profitability. The potential of using sous vide as a precise cooking method are endless: the peace of mind that chef’s skills remain consistent, the attention to detail, the capacity to broaden food horizons and the fresh approach between science and the practicalities of running a busy kitchen provide many benefits to my business."

Sean Hope

The Olive Branch

Country Inn
Main Street
Clipsham, Rutland LE15 7SH
Great Britain