• Sous Vide Bücher Sven Elverfeld

The English version of Sven Elverfeld's cookbook is out now as a limited edition with only 1000 copies. It will be sold exclusively on this website and cannot be bought anywhere else.

Take your chance and get one of those limited copies - with signature of the Chef on request.

ELVERFELD to the power of 3 – the great cooking book by Sven Elverfeld

Sven Elverfeld, the German Michelin-starred chef from the Wolfsburg restaurant "Aqua", is well known for his very individual cooking. True to his motto "Achieve your goal with commitment and loving attention to detail" he is always searching for distinguishing flavors. He focuses on the interplay of simplicity and sophistication in every detail of his culinary creations. According to Sven this search transforms the mundane and trivial into haut cuisine.  The results are exceptionally creative dishes which surprise with artfully elaborated esthetics. Sven Elverfeld presents his best creations in his first three-star book. The recipes are complemented by the well-known artistic photographs by Luzia Ellerts. Following the style of the recipes the book design by Wolfgang Seidl perfectly combines simplicity and sophistication, creating completely new esthetics which primary characteristics – clarity and transparency – also distinguish the "Aqua".

Sven Elverfeld
400 pages
German English