A culinary journey with Danilo Angè

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Trade professionals will find new ways to optimize their work time and methods with the diverse advantages of technology in Danilo Angè’s cookbook “Atmosfera Zero”. Hobby gourmet cooks will also be interested because of their growing sophistication in new technologies from the wine and food sector. The topic of sous-vide cooking at sub-temperatures was chosen by Danilo Angè because it is a technique that best suits his cooking philosophy.

His journey of flavors begins with “simple” eggs and potatoes. It continues with classic fois gras nougat, quince jelly and ‘traditional’ roasted rice with veal kidney. Dishes with Marsala reduction, haute cuisine with salmon fillet in edible oils, pink grapefruit and sparkling rosé ambrosia, macaroons of smoked salmon, biscuit with beetroot and marinated salmon inspire both cooks and guests.

It’s a journey around the world of ingredients, flavors and fusions: From passion fruit frisella to panettone with dulce de leche all the way to osso buco with caviar.

This is the heart of Danilo Angè.
The journey will continue soon. What are you waiting for? Come join him!

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