Cedars of god with Mandarin Leaf Cordial sous vide infusion

  • Cedars of god - Sharbine-Mandarinenblatt Infusion Sous VideCedars Alexkratena
Alex Kratena
Level of difficulty:

Ingredients  Sharbine – Mandarin Leaf Cordial (sous vide infusion):
200 g Mandarin leaf (chopped)
100 g Sharbine (grated)
1500 g Sugar
1500 g Double strained Lemon Juice

Ingredients Cocktail:
50 ml Star of Bombay
15 ml Sharbine & Mandarin leaf Cordial
5 ml Vermouth Lebanese

Glass: Coupe
Method: Shake,  Fine Strain
Garnish: Candied Pomelo
Ice: Ice chunk


Preparation Sharbine – Mandarin Leaf Cordial (sous vide infusion):
In a vacpac bag combine the sugar, grated sharbine & chopped mandarin leaf. Seal and leave to infuse sous vide at 50 °C for 3 hours.

Preparation Cocktail:
Transfer the ingredients to a non-reactive container, and add the lemon juice. Stir till the sugar is dissolved completely. Keep refrigerated in airtight container.

This recipe was generously provided by Alex Kratena..