Cocktail Naughty Girl with sous vide infusion

  • Naughty Girl Alexkratena
Alex Kratena
Level of difficulty:

50 ml No 52
15 ml Fino
15 ml Lemon leaf vermouth
10 ml Italicus
15 ml White Oudh cordial
1 pcs Lime zest

Lemon leaf vermouth (sous vide infusion):
750 g La Quintinye Blanc Vermouth
100 g Lemon leaf

White Oudh cordial:
1000 g 2:1 sugar syrup
30 g Malic acid
25 g Citric Acid
0.001 g White Oudh oil
Glass | Coupe
Method: | Stir
Garnish: | Lime zest/discard
Ice | straight up


Lemon leaf vermouth (sous vide infusion):
Clean and chop lemon leafs, add to vermouth and cook sous vide in the water bath of fusionchef for 30 min at 60 °C.
White Oudh cordial:
Combine all ingredients in Thermomix and blend at 60 °C until homogenized. Store refrigerated.
Place all ingredients in mixing glass, add ice and strain until diluted & cold, strain into chilled coupe and perfume with lime zest, discard.

This recipe was generously provided by Alex Kratena