Cocktail with sous vide Bee Pollen Armagnac infusion

  • Cocktail mit Armagnac, Blütenpollen & Lavendelhonig
Alex Kratena
Cooking time:
1 hour
Level of difficulty:

Bee Pollen Armagnac infusion (sous vide infusion):
500g Armagnac
5g Bee Pollen

50 ml Bee Pollen Armagnac
10 ml Lavender Honey
5 ml Suze
2 dash Peychaud’s bitters
1.5 ml Lavender hydrosol



Bee Pollen Armagnac infusion (sous vide infusion):
Place all ingredients into vac pac bag, seal and cook sous vide fusionchef bath for 1 hour at 60 °C. Allow the mixture to cool down, open the bag and strain using super bag, or coffee filter. Store in bottle  or airtight container.

In mixing glass combine all ingredients and stir with ice till cold & diluted. Pour into chilled glass and perfume with lavender hydrosol.

Glass: Rock glass
Method: Stir
Garnish: Dried Lavender Flower

This recipe was generously provided by Alex Kratena.