Floppy Poppy with sous vide poppy lemon infusion

  • Floppy Poppy with sous vide poppy lemon infusionFloppypoppy Janjehli
Jan Jehli
Level of difficulty:

45 g / 40 ml poppy lemon curd (sous vide infusion)
18 g / 15 ml poppy butter syrup
55 g / 50 ml creme fraiche
61 g / 60 ml apple juice

Blend recipe ~ 1074 g:
270 g poppy lemon curd
108 g poppy butter syrup
330 g creme fraiche
366 g apple juice    

Poppy butter:
1000 g butter        
500 g poppy, washed            

Poppy lemon curd (sous vide infusion):
200 g poppy butter    
175 g granulated sugar            
150 g lemon juice            
10 g lemon peel            
120 g/~ 8 pcs. egg yoke        
5 g citric acid            
1 g salt    

Poppy butter syrup:
600 g water            
8.1 g gum Arabic            
0.9 g xanthan        
450 g poppy butter, liquid        
500 g granulated sugar    

Poppy cinnamon wafer (decoration):        
50 wafers, round ø 55 mm
Poppy icing sugar as needed
Cinnamon icing sugar as needed
Sugar solution as needed (1 tbsp. sugar / 2 tbsp. water)


Poppy butter:
Melt butter in pot at medium heat (120 °C). Stir in washed, dried poppy and let sit for 15 min. Let mixture cool down to 80 °C. Next, strain poppy through a muslin cloth.  Let butter cool down quickly to room temperature in an ice bath. Portion for storage.

Poppy lemon curd (sous vide infusion):            
Add all ingredients to a vacuum bag and vacuum to at least 100 mbar. Cook for 60 minutes at 72 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath. Puree curd until smooth at high temperature for 30 to 60 seconds in the blender. The color of the mass should become brighter. As soon as the curd is completely homogeneous, the color does not change anymore. Stop mixing. Let curd cool down in the ice bath for 15 minutes. Portion into air-tight containers for storage.

Poppy butter syrup:
Blend the powder into the cold water in the pot using a hand blender and hydrate    (90 °C / 5 minutes). Add liquid poppy butter and puree until smooth. Stir in sugar and puree until smooth and the sugar is dissolved. Cool down syrup quickly to room temperature in the ice bath and portion for storage.

Poppy cinnamon wafer (decoration):        
Thinly sprinkle wafers with sugar water (use sprayer). Dust one half side each with poppy icing sugar and cinnamon icing sugar. Sprinkle with sugar water again and place on Paraflex sheets. Let dry in the dehydrator at 65 °C for 90 to 150 minutes. Store in dry and air-tight condition until use.

Add all ingredient into an Espuma siphon and pressurize using a N2O capsule. Refrigerate and foam a portion in a porcelain cup for serving. Decorate with a poppy cinnamon wafer.

This recipe was kindly provided by Jan Jehli / One Trick Pony. Photo: 2017 © Lennart Fritze