Redhead Punch with Gin blend sous vide infusion

  • Redhead Punch - Gin Blend Sous Vide InfusionRedhead Punch Nguyen
Kinly Boys / The Kinly Bar
Level of difficulty:

30 ml gin blend
20 ml wine blend
20 ml orange sherbet
40 ml Matcha tea
20 ml lime juice

Gin blend (sous vide infusion):
2 l gin
40 g tarragon
60 g sage

Wine blend:
500 ml Visciolata
300 ml Umeshu
300 ml Dry Vermouth

Orange sherbet:
50 g orange zest
1100 g Guarani sugar
400 ml filtered and homogenized orange juice

To serve:
Rolled cucumber


Gin blend (sous vide infusion):
Cool down 1 liter gin with tarragon in the ice bath and vacuum.  Cook the sous vide for 90 minutes at 52 °C in the sous vide water bath from fusionchef. Cool down in the ice bath, filter and store airtight.
Wine blend:
Mix Visciolata, Umeshu and dry vermouth.

Orange sherbet:
Leave orange zest and Guarani sugar for 10 hours at room temperature. Add orange juice and mix at low heat, until the sugar dissolved. Cool down and filter again. Store in cool conditions.
Glass: Goblet

This recipe was kindly provided by Kinly Boys / The Kinly Bar.