Ikarimi Salmon sous vide

  • Ikarimi Salmon  sous videIkarim Lachs Timraue
Tim Raue
Level of difficulty:

Confit Ikarimi salmon (sous vide):
500 g Ikarimi salmon loin (top cut from salmon fillet)
250 ml of orange oil
500 ml rapeseed oil
Cornish sea salt

Clear tomato broth:
1 kg tomatoes
70 ml Marukan rice vinegar
70 ml Nuoc Nam fish sauce
30 g sugar
1 pinch Star anise powder
Cornish sea salt

Tomato pearls:
100 g tomato puree
20 g red chili sauce
10 g Bone Suckin’ sauce Habanero
1 pinch Xanthan

Jelly coat for tomato pearls:
300 ml of tomato water
20 g Vegetal Sosa (vegetarian gelatin)

Tarragon cream:
100 g tarragon
50 g sweet coconut puree from Pointier
Food starch
Cornish sea salt, green Tabasco & green chili sauce

Atsina cress
Clarified butter


Confit Ikarimi salmon (sous vide):
Preheat the fusionchef water bath to 54 °C. Fill a container with orange oil and rapeseed oil and place it in the water bath. Cut the salmon loin slightly obliquely into 4 evenly sized portions. Add to the warm oil bath and cook for about 6-8 minutes. Remove the cooked salmon portions from the oil bath, drain well and sprinkle with some Cornish sea salt.

Clear tomato broth:
Blanch the tomatoes briefly and peel off the skin. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces, mix with the remaining ingredients and puree with a blender. Suspend the tomato puree overnight in a cloth. In doing so, catch the clear broth that runs off in a container. Lightly thicken the broth with Xanthan and season with rice vinegar, Cornish sea salt, and sugar. Keep the tomato puree stuck to the cloth as well.

Tomato pearls:
Mix all ingredients and stir to a smooth cream. Fill with a pastry bag into spherical silicone molds (diameter approx. 1 cm) and freeze.

Jelly coat for tomato pearls:
Bring the tomato water to a boil and stir in the gelatin. Using a spoon, briefly dip the frozen tomato pearls into the tomato jelly bath several times and then place on a baking tray.

Tarragon cream:
Blanch the tarragon briefly and douse with ice water. Bring the coconut puree to a boil and thicken with cornflour to a thick pudding. Press the tarragon well and mix with the coconut pudding to a smooth cream. Season with Cornish sea salt, green Tabasco and green chili sauce and put in a squeeze bottle.

Place three tomato pearls in a deep plate, add one dot each of tarragon cream, and cover with a leaf of Atzina cress. Place a piece of Ikarimi salmon on the plate next to the pearls and add a tablespoon of clarified butter. Pour with 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce and serve.

This recipe was kindly provided by Tim Raue.