Octopus with cauliflower mixture

  • Oktopus mit Blumenkohl-MixOctopus Daniloange
Danilo Ange
Cooking time:
3 hours 40 minutes
Level of difficulty:

For 6 people

Octoous (sous vide):
900 gr octopus

Cauliflowers mixture (sous vide):
400 gr cauliflowers
200 gr cooked chickpeas
1 chili pepper
1 bunch of chives
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Smoked paprika


Octoous (sous vide):
Put into a cooking pouch the octopus and cook it in the fusionchef bath for 3 hours at 84 °C. Cool down.

Cauliflowers mixture (sous vide):
Cut the cauliflowers and season them with salt, pepper and oil. Put the cauliflowers into the fusionchef bath for 40 minutes at 85 °C. Cool down.

Add to the cauliflowers the chickpeas, the minced chili pepper, the chives, salt, pepper and oil. Cut the octopus into pieces, sprinkle it with smoked paprika. Arrange the octopus in a plate and serve it with cauliflowers and chickpeas.