Poached sous vide salmon with avocado

  • Pochierter Sous Vide Lachs mit Avocado
Sarah Henke
Preparation time:
1 hour 30 minutes
Cooking time:
1 hour
Level of difficulty:

Spice oil:
200 ml peanut oil
1 stalk lemon grass (cut into rings)
2 tbsp. finely cut shelled ginger
2 star anise
1 cardamom capsules
1/4 red pepperoni cut in rings

Salmon (sous vide):
300 g salmon - if possible, center piece from back - cut 4 equal portions

Avocado salad:
1 avocado - ripe
2 twigs of coriander (cut leaves into fine strips)
1 tsp red pepperoni cubes
Pinch of salt
Some lime juice and grated peel



Spice oil:
Heat peanut oil to 80 °C. Add ingredients and cook for 1 hour at constant temperature.

Avocado salad:
Cut 1 avocado without peel into small cubes and season with coriander strips, lime juice, pepperoni cubes, and salt.

Salmon (sous vide):
Place piece of salmon with 1 tbsp. spice oil into a vacuum bag and seal. Cook for 6 minutes at 52 °C in the Souse-Vide water bath of the fusionchef.

Serve avocado salad in a round cutter on the plate. Place the poached salmon
next to it. Decorate with Afilla cress.

This recipe was kindly provided by Sarah Henke.
Photo: StefanVeres.de (agency Dominic-Multerer.de)