Sous vide carabinero with almond milk and honey vinegar

  • Sous Vide Carabinero mit Mandelmilch und Honigessig
Heiko Antoniewicz
Level of difficulty:

Almond milk:
200 g almonds without skin (green almonds are best)
200 ml milk
20 g sugar
5 level spoonfuls of Agazoon (vegetarian alternative to gelatin, made of red algae or seaweed)

Carabinero (sous vide):
4 Carabineros ("Queen of shrimp")
40 g Lime olive oil
20 g marzipan
A bit of garlic
A bit of lime olive oil

Honey vinegar:
1 Tblsp. acacia honey
1 Tsp Chardonnay vinegar

White clay:
20 g white clay
2 g sepia ink
12 g lactose
30 g crustacean stock
1 g salt

Strands of saffron
Basil Cress (Fine cress with an intensive taste of basil)
Solidified roe
Crispy fried feelers


Almond milk:
Bring the milk to a boil add the almonds and let them simmer at 60°C. Let the milk cool down and let it sit for 12 hours. Season with the sugar; optional: add a bit of lemon juice. Pass through a sieve, add Agazoon and bring to a boil once more.
Fill in narrow tubes and immediately place in ice water. Use an iSi-Siphon to blow them out of the tubes as required.

Carabinero (sous vide):
Open the carabineros and devein. Vacuum together with the lime-olive oil.
Cook sous vide for 15 minutes in a fusionchef sous vide water bath at 56 °C then cool down. Warm the marzipan in the oil and infuse the garlic in this mixture.
Gently fry the carabineros in this oil then salt them.

Honey vinegar:
Mix both ingredients and put aside.

White clay:
Mix all ingredients and stir until they form a homogenous mass. Acidify slightly and put aside.

Arrange carabinero, almond milk, honey vinegar and white clay on a plate. Garnish with saffron strands, basil cress, solidified roe and fried feelers.

We thank Matthaes publishers for providing this recipe from the book "Heiko Antoniewicz, Sous Vide".