Sous vide Cobia with Red Beets

  • Sous vide Cobia with Red BeetsCobre Rotebete Kornelszemeredi
Kornél Szemerédi
Level of difficulty:

Red beet stock:
1 l red beet juice
1 tsp. caraway
3 bay leaves
100 ml dark balsamic vinegar
100 g sugar
10 g salt

Red beet broth:
Cobia carcasses (without skin and head)
600 ml water
1 bay leaf
1 tomato
2 mushrooms
2 stalks of leeks
2 slices of ginger
1 stalk of lemon grass
400 ml red beet stock
Salt, pepper
Some lime juice
20 g Basic Dry

Smoked red beet cream:
500 g cooked red beets
100-150 ml red beet stock
200 g smoking chips
1 g xanthan

Red beet rings:
300 g cooked beetroot
200 ml red beet stock

Crosne pickled in wheat beer:
400 g crosne
175 g white wine vinegar
350 g wheat beer
100 g water
200 g honey
2 juniper berries
2 bay leaves
Salt, pepper

Buttermilk gel:
250 g buttermilk
2.5 g agar agar
Salt, pepper

Sepia tempura dough:
75 g ice water
75 g flour
25 g cornstarch
2 g sepia ink
1.5 g baking powder
Rapeseed oil
Salt, cayenne pepper

Venere Rice for cobia roulade:
300 g Venere rice
150 g Pilsner beer
2 slices of ginger
 Peel and juice of 1 lime
1 sprig of thyme
Salt, pepper, Basic Dry

Minced fish for cobia roulade:
200 g pike-perch fillet
180 g whipped cream
Salt, white pepper
Peel and juice of 1 lime

Cobia for cobia roulade:

Zucchini slices for cobia roulade:
2 zucchinis

Cobia cooked in red beet (sous vide):
250 ml red beet stock
1 cobia fillet
Salt, beer oil

Beer oil
Red leaf beet


Red beet stock:
Boil red beet juice with the other ingredients and let it swell for 15 minutes. Strain and set aside.

Red beet broth:
Cook carcasses, vegetables and spices for 45 minutes. Strain through an etamin cloth. Mix with red beet stock. Season with salt, pepper and lime juice. Thicken with Basic Dry. Serve hand warm.

Smoked red beet cream:
Cut the red beets into big pieces. Steam in the oven for 30 minutes at 140 °C.
Heat the smoking chips in a saucepan and place the red beets into the smoke using a strainer. Cover with transparent and aluminum foil. Remove saucepan from the heat and allow to smoke for a few minutes. Mix the smoked red beet with xanthan in the Thermomix for 5 minutes at 90 °C until smooth. Refrigerate.

Red beet rings:
Slice the red beet into 1 cm thick slices, cut out round pieces and sprinkle with boiled red beet stock. Stew the beets in a pan prior to serving and glaze with the broth.

Crosne pickled in wheat beer:
Boil all ingredients except the crosne to a broth. Clean the Crosne and blanch briefly in the broth. Fill the broth together with the Crosne in a mason jar. If necessary, vacuum the Crosne several times.

Buttermilk gel:
Boil everything together and chill until the mixture has solidified. Mix with a blender until creamy.

Sepia tempura dough:
Mix all ingredients with a blender to a liquid dough. Spread the dough thinly between parchment paper sheets (4 x 4 cm). Bake in rapeseed oil until crispy. Remove the sheets of paper and let the tempura leaves dry on a kitchen towel.

Cobia roulade:
Venere Rice for cobia roulade:
Cook rice in water with salt, thyme and pepper, strain and keep 100 ml of cooking stock. Refrigerate the rice. Boil stock once more with the remaining ingredients - except the Basic Dry. Thicken with Basic Dry, strain and mix with the rice.

Minced fish for cobia roulade:
Cut the fish in big pieces. Mix everything in a cutter. Add cream until desired consistency is reached.

Cobia for cobia roulade:
Fillet the cobia. Cut the fillets lengthwise on both sides so that you get a flat fillet. Then flatten carefully.

Zucchini slices for cobia roulade:
Cut zucchini into 2 mm thick slices.

Finishing the cobia roulade:
Place the zucchini slices 3 mm apart on transparent foil. Add the flattened fish fillet. Season with salt and pepper. Add 5 mm of the minced fish. Then, then spread the rice approx. 1 cm thick. Gently form a solid roll using the foil and vacuum. Cook in a steamer at 70 °C for 20 minutes. Douse with ice water.

Cobia cooked in red beet (sous vide):
Salt the fillet and vacuum with a little stock. Cook for 20 minutes at 55 °C in the fusionchef sous vide water bath. Cut into approx. 5 mm thick slices prior to serving.

This recipe from the first qualifying round of “JUNGE WILDE 2018“ (YOUNG WILD 2018) was kindly provided by Kornél Szemerédizur. Photo: ©ROLLING PIN