Sous vide codfish with red beet

  • Sous Vide Kabeljau mit Rote Bete
Heiko Antoniewicz
Level of difficulty:

Codfish (sous vide):
4 pieces codfish 80 g each
2 vanilla pods
80 ml cream
Grated peel of ½ lime

Red beet:
100 ml Red Beet juice
1 TL Red Beet granulate
1 g Agar-Agar
A bit of wasabi
1 dash of balsamic vinegar

Red beet macaroons:
100 ml Red Beet juice
1 EL Red Beet granulate
A bit of cumin
10 g albumin (egg white substitute for good results when whipping liquids and purees)
1 EL Basic Texture (substance made of citrus fiber and water used to thicken liquids)

Fish sauce:
1 diced shallot
50 ml olive oil
50 ml white wine
200 ml fish stock
100 ml cream
Black cumin oil to taste

Light vinaigrette:
30 ml Chardonnay vinegar
20 ml olive oil
40 ml rape seed oil
30 ml chicken stock
Fleur de Sel

Scarlet Cress (tastes like beetroot)
Wheatgrass (grows during the first days of germination of wheat seed)
Strips of cucumber


Codfish (sous vide):
Halve the vanilla pods lengthwise and vacuum together with the other ingredients. Cook in a fusionchefsous vide water bath for 15 minutes at 56 °C.
Remove the pods and salt the codfish.

Red beet:
Mix all ingredients and bring to a boil once. Pour into a glass vessel and refrigerate.
Cut into dice as required and warm at 90°C.

Red beet macaroons:
Mix all ingredients and whisk until creamy. Squirt small macaroons onto a Silpat mat. Place into a drying oven at 50 °C for at least 8 hours. Store in an air-tight box.

Fish sauce:
Sautee the diced shallot in a bit of olive oil and deglaze with white wine. Add the fish stock and reduce as much as possible. Add the cream.
Bring to a boil once, pass through a sieve and mix with the olive oil.

Light vinaigrette:
Mix all ingredients and season to taste.

Place the fish on the plate and arrange all other components. Keep the wheatgrass in place with the cucumber stripes. Drizzle the vinaigrette on top. Garnish with scarlet cress and the whisked sauce.

We thank Matthaes publishers for providing this recipe from the book "Heiko Antoniewicz, Sous Vide".