Sous vide monkfish savory roulade with red beet couscous

  • Sous Vide Seeteufel-Wirsingroulade mit Rote Bete Cous-Cous
Andreas Miessmer
Preparation time:
1 hour 30 minutes
Cooking time:
2 hours
Level of difficulty:

Roulade (sous vide):
400 g monkfish filet
4-6 large savory leaves
50 ml cream
Salt, white pepper
A few strings of saffron
Some plastic wrap
3 tbsp olive oil

Vegetable (sous vide):
500 g raw red beets
Sea salt
¼ tsp. ground coriander
¼ tsp. caraway

Red beet couscous (sous vide):
225 g couscous (pre-cooked, ready in 5 min)
500 g raw red beets
1 pinch salt
1 bay leaf
20 g butter
some vegetable broth for warming


Vegetable and Red beet couscous (sous vide)
Start by preparing and cooking the vegetable accompaniment: peel the red beets and cut into slices of 0.5 cm. Place the slices next to each other in a sous vide bag, sprinkle with salt, coriander, and caraway and vacuum with 100 %. Then peel the vegetable for the couscous and press in a juicer (yields approx. 250 ml juice). Place the couscous into a sous vide bag as well, add seasoning, and fill with the red beet juice. Mix the grain with this and vacuum with 90 %. Put both the red beet slices and the couscous into the fusionchef sous vide water bath and cook sous vide at 80 °C. The red beet couscous must cook sous vide for approximately 25 minutes. The vegetables cook sous vide for 60 minutes. Cool both in ice water after cooking and chill until ready to use.

Roulade (sous vide):
For the savory roulade, prepare the monkfish by cutting off approximately 50 g of the fish. Dice it, lie flat in a bowl, and put into the freezer separately with 30 ml of cream and chill briefly. Put the filet back into the refrigerator. In the meantime, put the rest of the cream into a bowl with the saffron, bring to a boil, allow to infuse, and then reduce until thickened. Cool.

Cut out the stem of the savory leaves in a wedge shape and blanch the leaves in strongly salted water. Then shock in ice water and drip-dry.
Season the slightly frozen fish with salt and pepper, then use a food processor to puree. Slowly add the cream and mix in. Place the dough into a bowl and manually stir in the saffron reduction. Chill again. Use paper towels to pat dry the savory leaves. Arrange the leaves in a rectangle on plastic wrap with the outside facing down. Lightly coat the leaves with the prepared saffron forcemeat, making sure that the transitions of the leaves stick together slightly. Season the chilled monkfish filet with salt and pepper and place onto the savory. Slightly bend in the edges, then use the plastic wrap to roll the savory into a roll. Then roll into the plastic wrap and twist the sides tightly (like the wrapper for a piece of candy) and again chill the roulade. At a core temperature of 3 °C, place the roll with the plastic wrap into a sous vide bag (use a shrink bag if available), vacuum with 95 %, and insert the temperature sensor. Cook sous vide in the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 56 °C for approximately 60 minutes to a core temperature (programmed at the circulator) of 54 °C.

Shortly before the end of the cooking time add the vegetables and the couscous and reheat.

To finish, remove the couscous, add them to a pan with some broth, stir, and add butter to taste. Then place the red beet slices in a pan and glaze briefly with the liquid from the bag. Next remove the monkfish from the bag and strain the juice from the bag into a small pot. Stir the juices with 3 tbsp olive oil, warm slightly, but do not boil. Cut the savory roulade into thick pieces, arrange on top of the red beet slices on pre-warmed plates and pour on the juice. Add the red beet couscous and serve immediately.