Sous vide strawberries with sweet woodruff meringue

  • Sous Vide Erdbeere mit Waldmeisterbaiser
Heiko Antoniewicz
Level of difficulty:

Strawberries (sous vide):
300 g strawberries
½ bunch mint
100 ml sugar syrup
5 berries of Tasmanian pepper

Sweet woodruff:
200 ml water
130 ml sweet woodruff syrup
30 g albumin (egg white substitute for good results when whipping liquids and purees)
3 gelatin leaves

Tasmanian pepper


Strawberries (sous vide):
Clean and rinse the strawberries. Pluck the mint leaves and set aside.

Quarter half of the strawberries and place them into a sous vide vacuum bag with the sugar syrup. Add the mint and crushed pepper berries. Seal and cook sous vide in fusionchefsous vide water bath at 65 °C for 13 minutes and cool.
Allow to marinate for at least 4 hours. Retain liquid and serve separately with the strawberries.

Sweet woodruff meringue:
Whip water with syrup and albumin powder. At the end, fold in the dissolved gelatin leaves. Use an icing bag to squirt the meringue onto a silicon pad and allow to dry for at least 8 hours at 58 °C. Store in a sealed, airtight box.

Cut the remaining fresh strawberries to length and arrange a salad with the marinated strawberries. Drizzle with retained liquid. Garnish with mint and sweet woodruff. Serve separately the crushed pepper, remaining strawberry liquid, and additional sweet woodruff.

We thank Matthaes publishers for providing this recipe from the book "Heiko Antoniewicz, Sous Vide".