Lamb loin, celeriac puree, and coffee Sous Vide

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Danilo Ange
Level of difficulty:

For 6 servings:

Puree (Sous Vide):
400 g celeriac
200 g potatoes
Salt and pepper
100 ml vegetable broth
30 g butter

Red wine stock:
200 ml red wine
20 g acacia honey
1 clove
1 cinnamon pod

Lamb loin (Sous Vide):
Saffron Bread
800 g lamb loin
Salt and pepper
Coffee powder
1 sprig of thyme
40 g clarified butter


Puree (Sous Vide):
Peel and dice the celeriac and potatoes, season with salt and pepper. Vacuum with the vegetable broth. Cook for 1 hour at 82 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath. Then puree with butter.

Red wine stock:
Add wine with honey and spices to a small casserole. Reduce over low heat to a quarter of its original volume, strain, and leave to cool.

Lamb loin (Sous Vide):
Dry bread and puree. Remove fat from meat, season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle with coffee. Vacuum with thyme and cook at 57 °C in the fusionchef Sous Vide water bath for 2 hours. Allow it to cool. Take the meat out of the bag and fry it together with the clarified butter. Then roll in saffron bread and cut into slices.

Arrange the finished lamb loin together with the celeriac puree and the red wine stock.

This recipe was kindly provided by Danilo Ange.