Slow cooked sous vide chicken

  • Slow cooked sous vide chicken
Richard Rosendale
Cooking time:
1 hour 30 minutes
Level of difficulty:

4 Whole chicken
4 Breasts for garnish
4 Chicken breasts for the mousse
3 Thighs for braining
2 Thighs for making of the sausage
Legs, wings and backs may be reserved for stock

Brine for chicken:
2 Qt. Water
100 g Kosher salt
113 g Sugar
2 Cloves garlic

Chicken mousse base:
453 g Lean chicken
1 Egg
28 g Brandy
340 g Cream
7 g Salt

Stuffing farce:
1 tsp Sage
1 tsp Thyme
1 tsp Rosemary
113 g Ham
113 g Corn bread

Truffle farce:
85 g Black truffle puree

Assembly and Cooking:
Chicken skin
4 Chicken breasts
2 Mousses
TG as needed
Black truffle butter
Salt and pepper
Fresh chives

For the jus:
1 Qt Braising liquid
1 oz Maderia
1 oz Foie gras

Spinach leaves


Brine for chicken:
Bring all ingredients to a boil. Once sugar and salt are dissolved, chill. Brine both the chicken breasts and the skin for 30 minutes and pat dry.

Chicken mousse base:
Puree the chicken in a food processor and slowly add the egg followed by the brandy, and then, the heavy cream. Add the salt and transfer to a bowl on ice.

Stuffing farce:
Take half of the mousse and fold in the stuffing ingredients. Reserve until needed.

Truffle farce:
Take the remaining mousse and fold in black truffle puree to make a flavorful black truffle mousse.

Assembly and Cooking:
To assembly the chicken, use a mold shaped like a whole chicken breast.
Place a layer of plastic film inside of the mold. Cover with the brined chicken skin and lightly dust with some TG. Next, layer two of the chicken breast inside of the mold against the skin and proceed to fill the center with the mousse.

Once the center has been filled with the mousse, top off with the chicken breast and gather the remaining chicken skin to enclose the entire breast to resemble the shape of a chicken.

Vacuum pack the entire piece in a vacuum bag and cook at 68 °C for 1 hour and 30 minutes in the fusionchef sous vide water bath.
Remove from the sous vide water bath when the internal temperature reaches 56.11 °C.

The chicken will continue to carry over cook. Dry the chicken off then place in a 176.67 °C deep fryer. Let the chicken brown nicely and remove from the fryer.

Let the chicken rest, then brush with black truffle butter and chives. Carve and serve the chicken.

For the jus:
Reduce the braising liquid to sauce consistency. Adjust the seasoning with salt, pepper and Madeira. To finish the sauce, emulsify the foie gras into the jus, and strain before serving.

This recipe was generously provided by Richard Rosendale.