Sous vide saddle of lamb Limousin

  • Limousin Lammrücken Sous Vide
Marc Rennhack
Cooking time:
2 hours 5 minutes
Level of difficulty:

For 4 persons

Saddle of lamb „Limousin” (sous vide):
0.8 kg filet of saddle of lamp (entire lamb saddle 3-4 kg)
0.1 l Spanish olive oil
Fresh basil

Horseradish oil (sous vide):
0.1  l grape seed oil
0.1  l olive oil
50 g freshly ground horseradish

Seasonal vegetables (sous vide):
0.1 kg young carrots
0.1kg fresh peas
0.2 kg red beets
0.1 kg boletus
0.1 kg May turnips

Crème of may turnips (sous vide):
0.3 kg May turnips (fresh)
0.003 l olive oil
0.002 kg liqourice powder
0.005 l white wine vinegar
Moldon sea salt

Lamb sauce:
approx. 3 kg lamb bones
0.5 kg onions
0.2 kg carrots
0.2 kg celeriac
0.5 kg tomatoes
0.25 kg peeled, canned tomatoes
0.05 l red wine vinegar
0.5 l red wine
0.3 l chicken stock
Rosemary, young garlic, 0.2 kg brown button mushrooms
Approx. 0.008 kg arrowroot starch


Saddle of lamb „Limousin” (sous vide):
Take the saddle of lamb and first cut out the filets, fillet the lamb eyes of loin and trim them. Cut the fat rind to size and score in a crisscross pattern. Vacuum the whole piece of meat with olive oil and fresh basil.

Let it cook sous vide in a fusionchef sous vide water bath at 65 °C for 25 minutes. Then let it rest in the Hold-o-mat for 15 minutes. Season the eye loin with salt and white pepper. Sear with cold butter, fresh rosemary and young garlic in a hot pan. Let it rest and cut in to 4 pieces for serving.

Horseradish oil (sous vide):
Vacuum 0.1 l grape seed oil and 0.1 l olive oil together with 50 g freshly ground horseradish and cook sous vide in a fusionchef sous vide water bath at 50 °C for approximately 30 minutes. Quench in ice water.

Seasonal vegetables (sous vide):
Wash and dry the May turnips. Vacuum with a bit of olive oil and cook sous vide in a fusionchef sous vide water bath at 60 °C for approx. 10 minutes. Sear in butter and season with Maldon sea salt.

Vacuum the young carrots with a few drops of horseradish oil and cool in a fusionchef sous vide water bath at 80 °C at least 30 minutes – depending on their size.

Shell the peas and cook firm to the bite in salt water. Quench in ice water.

Wash the whole red beets, dry and vacuum with fresh laurel, peppercorns, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Cook in a convection oven with steam until soft – depending on the size this will take 30-40 minutes.

Clean the boletus with a brush, quarter and sear with vegetable oil in a hot pan. Season with Maldon Sea Salt Flakes and flavor with hot butter.

Crème of may turnips (sous vide):
Wash and peel the turnips. Cut into small pieces. Vacuum with a bit of olive oil and licorice powder. Cook sous vide in a fusionchef sous vide water bath at 90 °C for 30 minutes until soft. Blend in a Thermomix until smooth. Season with salt and white wine vinegar.

Lamb sauce:
Sear walnut-sized lamb bones, add mirepoix vegetables and fresh (or canned) tomatoes for flavor. Add rosemary, young garlic, fresh, diced mushrooms and spices. Deglaze with red wine vinegar and dark red wine. Let it reduce. Let it simmer with a bit of water or chicken stock for 4 hours. Strain through a micro sieve and reduce to desired consistency. Reduce a bit of port wine and red wine. Add the lamb jus and reduce once more. If necessary thicken with arrowroot starch. Season to taste.

This recipe was generously provided by Marc Rennhack.