Tender, crispy suckling sous vide lamb with lentil stew

  • Knuspriges Sous Vide Milchlamm von Erlantz Gorostiza
Erlantz Gorostiza
Level of difficulty:

Salt bath (for the lamb roll):
Salt bath (for the lamb roll)
1 kg deboned shoulder
1 l mineral water
80 g coarse sea salt

Lamb bouillon with herbs (for the lamb roll):
500 g Lamb bouillon
7 g Ras el-Hanout
1 g cumin
2 g dried green pepper

Lamb roll (sous vide):
Lamb shoulder
Salt bath
Lamb bouillon
Concentrated butter

Soaked lentils:
125 g soaked overnight lentils (double the volume)
315 g mineral water
315 g lamb bouillon
40 g carrots
5 g garlic
50 g leeks (without green)
40 g onion
1 bay leaf
3 black peppercorns

Sauce from lentil broth:
500 g lentil broth
12 g Ras el-Hanout

Ravioli filling (lamb farce - sous vide):
200 g lamb foreshank
30 g pig feet
50g finely chopped mushrooms
1 finely chopped spring onion
10 g lamb bouillon and Ras el-Hanout

Pumpkin ravioli:
Ravioli filling

Carré of Lamb (sous vide):
Carré of suckling lamb

Serve with:
Candied lemon slices
Pea sprouts
Salt flakes



Salt bath (for the lamb roll):
Weigh all of the meat together after deboning the lamb shoulder pieces. Use 1 liter mineral water and 80 g coarse sea salt per 1 kg of meat. Stir it well until the salt completely dissolves in the water.

Lamb bouillon with herbs (for the lamb roll):
Cook the lamb bouillon with all the herbs in a saucepan for three minutes, cover with foil and let it simmer at room temperature until it is completely cooled. Pour it through a fine strainer and reduce with a walnut sized piece of butter until a sauce forms. The bouillon will be used to baste the roll after browning.

Lamb roll (sous vide):
Debone the lamb shoulder and remove any tendons. Set aside the lamb foreshank for later use. Marinate the lamb shoulder in the salt water for 45 minutes. After taking it out of the water, pat dry. With a tight hold, use saran wrap to form the roll. Vacuum it in a sous vide vacuum bag along with a little bit of the broth and a walnut sized piece of butter. Cook the bag for 15 hours at 58  ̊C in your fusionchef water bath. Next, shock cool the bag in a bowl of water with ice in order to stop the cooking process as fast as possible and to cool it down quickly. Warm it up in your fusionchef water bath before serving. As soon as the meat is hot, take it out of the bag and dry off. Brown it on the skin side in a good amount of concentrated butter and with the help of a grill press until the skin is crispy. Coat it with the lamb bullion and carve, heat it in the Salamander and spice. Each lamb roll serves 6 people.

Soaked lentils:
Soak the lentils in a closed container of water overnight. Pour out the water and press them dry on the next day.

Lentil stew:
Put the vegetables in netting before adding them with all the other ingredients to the pot. The netting prevents the vegetables from mixing with the lentils and makes it easier to remove the vegetables later. Cook the mixture of vegetables and lentils on the stove for 40 minutes at level 2 heat. Cover the pot with foil and let sit for 1hour. Drain the both carefully and use to make the sauce. Separate the lentils on a sheet to cool.

Sauce from lentil broth:
Bring the lentil broth you collected to a boil. Add the Ras el-Hanout and cook for 3 minutes. Cover the pot with foil and let it cool to room temperature. Pour the cold sauce through a fine sieve and reduce with a walnut sized piece of butter until a thick, but not solid sauce appears.

Ravioli filling (lamb farce - sous vide):
Cook all the parts left from deboning the lamb foreshank as well as the roll in a fusionchef sous vide bath for 15 hours.  Then diligently debone so that the skin and tendons are removed and only the meat is left. Finely chop all the ingredients mix well with the sauce made from the Lamb bouillon and Ras el-Hanout. Put into a piping bag and make in the form of Ravioli.

Pumpkin ravioli:
Cut the pumpkin into pieces as small as possible with a slicing machine. Make crosses with two pieces of pumpkin. In the middle, add some lamb farce. Lay the pumpkin strips over and pinch the ends together to make nicely filled ravioli. Place aside until you serve.

Carré of Lamb (sous vide):
Carefully remove the ribs and expose the loins one by one, just like when making a French rack of lamb (be very careful because the ribs are very breakable). Vacuum them in a sous vide vacuum bag and cook in a fusionchef sous vide water bath for 6 hours at 58 ˚C. Then submerge the vacuum bag immediately in ice water in order to quickly stop the cooking process. The rack serves four people.

Food arrangement (sous vide):
Before serving the ribs, warm them in a fusionchef water bath for 10 minutes at 58 ˚C.  Then brown in a nonstick skillet until the skin is lightly crisp. Warm the ravioli in the oven for 3 minutes at 180 ˚C. 

Spread some cooked lentils on the bottom of a deep plate. Add two to three spoonful of sauce over them until the bottom of the plate is completely covered. Lay one piece of lamb and two pumpkin ravioli on top and add some candied lemon pieces over the lamb roll. Lay two ribs on top of the roll. Lay a pea sprout on each of the pumpkin ravioli. To finish it off, sprinkle some herb salt flakes over the lamb and the ravioli.

This recipe was generously provided by Erlantz Corostiza.