Veal cheek with red wine sauce

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Danilo Ange
Level of difficulty:

For  6 people:

6 veal cheek

400 gr celery, carrots, onions

1 aromatic herbs

3 dl red wine

2 garofono nails

1 cinnamon stick

800 gr celery

1 dl milk

40 gr butter

extra virgin olive oil

salt & pepper



Pour red wine in a small pan together with garofolo nails and cinnamon, let them cook and dry until obtaining the half to the initial volume. Let it cool down.

Cut the vegetables into small cubes. Cook with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for 10 minutes and then let them cool down.

Add salt and pepper to the meat, put it into a vacuum pouch add wine sauce and the vegetables. Cook sous vide in the fusionchef water bath for 12 hours at 70 °C.

Peel off the celery, cut it into small cubes add salt and pepper, put it in a vacuum pouch together with milk and cook sous vide in the fusionchef water bath for 2 hours at 82 °C. Once cooked blend it.

Remove the meat from the pouch and blend the vegetables. Serve the meat cut into slices together with the vegetable sauce and the celeriac puree


This recipe was kindly provided by Danilo Ange.