Parsley root sous vide

  • Petersilienwurzel Sous Vide
Heiko Antoniewicz
Level of difficulty:

Parsley root (sous vide):
12 parsley roots
200 ml vegetable stock
3 g Salt
4 wide strips of orange peel

Root vegetables:
160 g root vegetables from carrot, celeriac, potatoes and leek
1 Macis blossom
40 g butter
5 g Yuzu powder (a small lemon bred in Japan, fairly bitter in taste, close to the taste of a grapefruit)
10 g flat-leaf parsley


Parsley root (sous vide):
Vacuum all ingredients and cook sous vide in a fusionchef sous vide water bath for 65 minutes at 85 °C. Cool and glaze as required.

Root vegetables:
Cook the vegetables and Macis blossom in the parsley root stock and add the butter. Season to taste with the Yuzu powder and garnish with the chopped flat-leaf parsley.

We thank Matthaes publishers for providing this recipe from the book "Heiko Antoniewicz, Sous Vide".