Sous vide jellied egg with forest mushrooms

  • Sous Vide Bauernei und WaldpilzeGelee Ei Erlantzgorostiza
Erlantz Gorostiza
Level of difficulty:

Jellied egg (sous vide):

2 kg seasonal mushrooms
Mushroom and thyme oil

1 truffle

Mushroom and thyme oil:
500 g mushroom oil (left over oil from sautéing)
500 g thyme oil (self-made)

Forest broth:
2 chickens
2 hens
8 pig´s trotters
4 kg oxtail
2 kg beef shank
10 carrots
10 leeks
40 l water
2 kg chickpeas
1 kg fresh Asturian Chorizo
1 kg Morcilla Castellana
4 kg deep frozen mushrooms, pieces
Egg whites

Serve with:
Salt flakes
Dauro olive oil


Jellied egg (sous vide):
Weigh the eggs. Cook the eggs in a fusionchef water bath for exactly 40 seconds per gram of egg at 62˚C. Peel off the shells and warm them right before serving for 10 minutes at 50˚C.

Sauté the mushrooms with a little mushroom and thyme oil on high heat. Finish with pouring some broth on them to stop the sautéing.

Grate the truffle into slivers then stack them and thinly cut them into pencil-shaped slivers.
Mushroom and thyme oil:
Mix the oil you used earlier to sauté the mushrooms with the thyme oil (for the thyme oil saturate a let 30 g thyme per 1 l oil sit for week long cold).

Forest broth:
Cut the vegetables in relatively large pieces and add to a large pot along with the chickens, hens, pig´s trotters, oxtail, and the beef shank (after all of it is lightly blanched).  Cook the ingredients on low heat for approximately 12 hours. Strain the liquid and divide the fat. When the broth is clear, heat it at 80˚C. At the same time, sauté the frozen mushrooms on high heat in a sauté pan (in many steps) and let them adhere to the pan a little. Be careful not to let anything burn. Add a little broth to loosen the mushrooms from the pan´s bottom and add them to the big pot. Repeat these steps until all the mushrooms are sautéed. Cover the pot with cling wrap so that all the warmth and aroma stays. Let it simmer at 80˚c for  about 4 hours.
Strain the broth, filter it through a Superbag and when necessary, lighten it up with some egg white.  Add some salt to taste before serving.

Food arrangement:
Place the sous vide cooked egg in the middle of the plate. Add some sautéed mushrooms around the egg and garnish with truffles. Sprinkle some salt flakes and some Dauro olive oil over it. Pour some forest broth on it.

This recipe was generously provided by Erlantz Gorostiza.