Spring vegetables sous vide

  • Frühlingsgemüse Sous Vide
Andreas Tuffentsammer
Preparation time:
1 hour
Cooking time:
25 minutes
Level of difficulty:

Ingredient for 4 people

Vegetables (sous vide):
150g fresh conica morel
wild herbs and spring lettuce:
Young spinach, young chard, chickweed,
yellow mustard flower
blossoms of chives
green and white asparagus
red radish

Salad cream:
250g vegetable broth
100g leaf spinach
100g Romaine/Cos lettuce
50g Mizuna
5g tarragon
20g flat leafed parsley
1 soft-boiled egg
80g beurre noisette
A bit of lemon juice
Salt, pepper

Tomato sorbet:
250g ripe pink oxheart tomatoes
1 tbsp ketchup
50g glucose
25ml extra virgin rape seed oil


Vegetables (sous vide):
Vacuum the red radish with a pinch of salt and sugar. Vacuum the green asparagus with a bit of sugar, salt and lemon. Place both into the fusionchef sous vide water bath at 70 °C. Remove the asparagus after 15 minutes and the red radish after 25 minutes.

Salad cream:
Shortly blanch the lettuce and herbs in boiling water and cool rapidly in ice water. Quench thoroughly and mix with the remaining ingredients in the Thermomix to form a homogenous mass. Season to taste.

Tomato sorbet:
Puree the tomatoes together with the ketchup and gently warm the mixture. Dissolve the glucose. Stir the rape seed oil into the mixture, season to taste and freeze in an ice machine.

Clean the morels thoroughly and sauté in a bit of butter. Season to taste.

This recipe was generously provided by Andreas Tuffentsammer.